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4Water is one of the main manufacturers of safety equipment in Europe. Their large range of products such as life vests or lifelines are designed for all kinds of sailing activities.

All our 4Water products

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Clip for 4Water UML MK5 I lifejacket manual

Clip for UML MK5 I manual


White silk4Water brush 20 mm

White silk brush, special polyester. Width 20 mm.


Velcro Armband for 4Water ST300 Torch

Velcro Armband for 4Water ST300 Torch


Galvanized shackle right 6 to 18mm

Galvanized shackle right 6 to 18mm

Starting at: $1.47

Green clip for 4Water UML MK5 lifejacket 1

Allows the pad to be triggered on the 150N automatic child vest.


Clip for 4Water UML MK5 lifejacket

Clip for UML MK5 Auto


4Water Adjustment Buckle

Nylon adjustment buckle for 25mm or 40mm strap.

Starting at: $1.69

4Water Acetal Quick-Release Buckle

Acetal Quick-Release Buckle for 25 mm ou 40mm strap.

Starting at: $2.20

Spare valve 4Water for fender inflation nozzle

Spare valve - Bronze


Survival water 4Water - 4 x 125 ml

Survival water 0.5 L - 4 bags of 125 ml.


Galvanized shackle lyre4Water

Galvanized lyre shackle from 6mm to 18mm

Starting at: $2.82

4Water Survival Blanket

4Water Survival Blanket - Golden and silver Dimension: 210 x 160 cm


Sandow Marine stainless steel hook

Marine quality. L 30 cm diameter: 08 mm L 50 cm diameter: 10 mm L 80 cm diameter: 10 mm

Starting at: $3.32

4Water Krypton Waterproof Torch

Rubber shock-absorbing torch, ON/OFF switch button, 2.4V bulb, strap provided.



Best Seller

4Water Built-in bracket for bimini

Built-in bracket.


Signalling mirror4Water

The sighting at sea becomes easier, thanks to the viewfinder which allows the orientation of the light flash towards the emergency services.


4Water Flush mounting male end cap

Male end cap for bimini bracket to be embedded.


France Pavilion4Water

Polyester fabric.

Starting at: $4.33

Bit for4Water pike pole

Boot hook end - Tube Ø 25 mm or Ø 30 mm

Starting at: $4.40

4Water Foghorn

4Water Foghorn


Galvanized shackle in blister pack from D6 to 18mm

Galvanized shackle in blister pack from D6 to 18mm

Starting at: $4.50

Polyamide4Water terminal

Polyamide terminals Ø 6 mm x 4 pieces Ø 8 mm x 2 pieces Ø 10 mm x 2 pieces Ø 12 mm x 2 pieces Ø 14 mm x 2 pieces other diameters (per unit)

Starting at: $4.59

4Water Plastic Plug

Spiral plugs in green nylon.



Spin4Water grid for 180 mm bucket

Grid width 180 mm. To spin your roller.


20mm bimini4Water tip for bimini

Female end cap - Diameter 20 mm.


Paint bucket 8L 4Water

Paint bucket 8L 4Water


4Water Tube support kit

4WATER tube support kit.


Stainless steel demantler4Water

Stainless steel demantler




4Water Bucket - 10 litres

10 litre plastic bucket


Connector for4Water bimini and roll bar

Tube connector - Diameter 20mm


4Water Set of 10 Plugs

Set of 10 conical wooden plugs.


Stainless steel eye carabiner - Diam. 6mm *1

Ø 6 mm x 60 mm


Stainless steel hood attachment - Padlock

65 x 23 mm


Fuel filter4Water

Model: Small, medium, large

Starting at: $6.92

Refill for gas fog horn4Water

Liquefied gas for horn horn horn horn horn.


Umbrella4Water grapple - 0.7KG

Galvanized grapple - 0.7 Kg


4Water Waterproof Case

Waterproof case made from see-through welded plastic Perfect to keep your belongings dry

Starting at: $7.57

Straight shackle cut stainless steel4Water

Axis diameter: 4/5/6 mm

Starting at: $7.62

Retroreflective tape 50X500MM4Water

Accessories: O Retro-reflective strip according to SOLAS 50 x 500 mm


Pair of fabric clamps

Quick fasteners for awnings, convicts, any nylon canvas or tarpaulin. Reusable and repositionable. Delivered in pairs.


4Water St. Steel Buckle 40 MM (x2)

Stainless steel buckle for 40 mm x 2 mm strap.


Basque flag 30X45 cm4Water

Packaged in bags Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm


European Pavilion 4Water - 30X40cm

Dimensions: 30 x 40 cm Packaging: in bags


Motor rinse ear - 220mm long4Water

Motor flushing kits.


Floating knife with4Water stainless steel blade

Stainless steel fixed blade



Survival food 500Gr4Water

500 G rations, presented in tablet form.


Mousqueton à Oeil Inox - Diam.8mm

Ø 8 mm x 80 mm


raft fishing kit4Water

raft fishing kit


3/4" white shell pass - 19mm

3/4" 19mm white shell gland


4Water Spare connector for bimini

Spare connector 20mm


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350 Item(s)

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