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Feeder Oval Open Amiaud Feeder

Open oval Feeder Blister of 1 piece Available in 2 weights: 30 and 50 gr

Starting at: $1.09

Feeder Cone Amiaud with Anti-Angle

Feeder Cone with anti-angle Length 25 cm Blister of 1 piece Available in 3 weights: 20, 30 and 40 gr

Starting at: $1.09

Amiaud Metal Crayfish Scale

Metal crayfish scale with a diameter of 300 mm; delivered with float and 3.50 m of rope.


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Shock-proof Amiaudbox PM

Shockproof PVC case with protective foam, dimensions 220 x 180 x 60 mm


Fixed Support Amiaud

Fixed support for rod

Starting at: $7.50

Pair of AmiaudSheathed Cards 45 cm

Pair of sheathed plugs 45 cm long


Amiaud Reversible Lure Box 206 x 170 x 42 mm

Reversible Lure Box



Pair of AmiaudSheathed Plugs 60 cm

Pair of sheathed plugs 60 cm long


Set of 6 seals for worm pump

Set of 6 spare seals for Amiaud worm pump


AmiaudAdjustable strut-type pendulum support

Adjustable strut balance support


Handle of Épuisette AmiaudSeul Alu Brut

Handle for landing net only in raw aluminium with 30 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $16.31

AmiaudAdjustable Double Foot Balance Support

Adjustable double-legged pendulum support


Notched pendulum Amiaudsupport

Supporting pendulum with notches to hold the rods

Starting at: $19.57

Pair of Sheathed AmiaudSteel/Aluminium Plugs

Pair of sheathed steel/aluminium plugs adjustable from 60 to 110 cm in length


Suspension Amiaudfor Boots

Stainless steel hanger for drying and storing boots, waders and waders.


Stainless Steel Slit DisgorgerAmiaud

Stainless steel round slot disgorger with a diameter of 10 mm and a length of 30 cm.


Oval Amiaud Protection Tube

Oval protection tube 50 x 80 x 80 x 220 mm UV treated for cane

Special Price: $23.64

Regular Price: $31.53


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AmiaudStainless Steel Gaffer Hook 8 mm

M20 threaded tip, diameter 8mm.


Telescopic Amiaudlanding net handle, only aluminium sheathed

Adjustable landing net handle in aluminium with 28/25 mm diameter tube

Starting at: $29.24

Folding RoundAmiaud Trap

Round folding trap with PVC crayfish


Stainless steel hook AmiaudMM

Stainless steel socket hook MM


AmiaudTelescopic Pendulum Support

1-leg telescopic pendulum support


Amiaud Crayfish Trap

PVC crayfish trap with conical shape




2M Clip-on Aluminium Sheathed HandleAmiaud

Handle for landing net Amiaud aluminium sheathed reinforced clip-on only long 2m




Stainless Steel Screw AmiaudHook M20 mm

Stainless steel hook with screwable hook M20 mm

Starting at: $55.66

AmiaudSpecial Spade Catfish

Spike made of special steel for catfish fishing


Sea Gaffe AmiaudSérie Forte 160 cm

Heavy duty series sea gaff with adjustable aluminium TV handle


Forte AmiaudSeries Sea Gangway 216 cm

Heavy duty series sea gaff with adjustable aluminium TV handle


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Tuna AmiaudLasso - complete

Big fish lasso.



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Drop AmiaudGauntlets - complete

Special big fish gaff.



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Drop AmiaudHarpoon - complete

Special big fish harpoon.



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31 Item(s)

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