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Aquarius MQ PRO Buoyancy Aid - Yellow/Black

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Buoyancy aid 50N • Size XS to XXL • Front zip • Hip drawstring and adjustable shoulder straps • 2 front pockets + 1 inside pocket

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Kayak and stand up paddle vest

This model combines versatility and comfort, with an eye-catching and sporty look, so you can feel both safe and fashionable on the water.
By Vincent from the Kayak Team

When and what type of vest to wear depending on the practice?

  • In whitewater: the vest is (with the shoes and the helmet) an essential element of safety. It should be made of foam so that it also protects against blows, with a possible attachment point for a whitewater leash. 50N is a minimum, 70N is better.
  • For children: except in surfing, it is a good idea to systematically put a vest to our children and our teenagers.
  • In SUP down-wind: the breakage of a leash can be dramatic in down-wind. The effective wearing of a buoyancy aid vest is relevant for this practice. You should choose one with pockets to carry your whistle, phone and light stick.
  • When hiking: At more than 300m from a shelter, it is mandatory to have a buoyancy aid. If your SUP or kayak is inflatable, it is a good idea to take a vest with you on a trip. If it is not worn, it can just be slipped into the net as long as the conditions are mild.
  • In races: on some sea and lake races, wearing a 50N approved vest is compulsory to be able to take the start. For the race, choose a vest that is as ergonomic as possible and has a low cut.
  • At sea: we advise you not to venture out on very big waves or on a reef very far from the shore. For these extreme cases, taking a buoyancy aid vest can save the day.
  • For those who can't swim: Practitioners who can't swim (or very badly) should wear a buoyancy aid of at least 70N whatever the practice. Ridicule doesn't kill you; the sea does.

Why choose the Aquarius MQ Pro?

The Aquarius MQ Pro vest is for all water sports enthusiasts who are looking for superior performance without compromising on comfort and practicality:

  • - SOLAS reflective strips
  • - A waist belt (with buckle and length adjustment)
  • - Adjustments at the shoulders
  • - Side adjustments at the waist
  • - A front zip that prevents the vest from opening, slipping and not hugging the body
  • - 2 zipped side pockets
  • - 1 inside pocket
  • - Front whistle holder (whistle optional)

Safety first

The European standard classifies and approves lifejackets according to their buoyancy for a person of 70kg. Buoyancy is measured in Newton (N). There are 4 levels of approval: 50N, 100N, 150N and 275N. A 50N lifejacket helps buoyancy up to 50 Newtons (5.1 kilograms). The higher the buoyancy rating of a lifejacket, the more effective it is. We talk about Life Jacket from 100N. Below this, it is called a buoyancy aid vest.
For common water sports (stand up paddle, sea and lake kayak, towed buoy), the buoyancy index required in Europe is 50N. This buoyancy aid makes it possible to keep the airways of a conscious person who can swim out of the water.

Hanging rings kayak vest Hanging rings: they allow you to hang accessories on your vest with a Carabiner (e.g. waterproof mobile phone pouch), to tow someone with a rope...
SOLAS reflective strips SOLAS reflective strips: they allow you to spot a person at sea from a distance (Visible at more than 250 meters).
Accroche accessories gilet kayak The whistle hook: in case of drift, this accessory allows you to hang a whistle or a Strobe light allowing you to be spotted efficiently.

No concession to comfort

The Aquarius MQ Pro vest has been developed for water sports such as kayaking, sailing, windsurfing, stand up paddling and boating up to 2 miles from a shelter.

Zipper The front zip: this vest closes at the front with a heavy duty zip, so it is very easy to put on and take off.
Kayak vests pockets Closing pockets: the inside pocket and the 2 outside pockets close. They allow you to carry your personal belongings (smartphone, briefcase, keys,...)
Adjustment kayak vest Body adjustment: The Aquarius MQ Pro vest has 6 adjustment straps to adjust the vest to the body of the wearer: 2 belt adjustment straps, 2 side adjustment straps and 2 shoulder adjustment straps
Scalloped and fitted cut Great freedom of movement: In addition to fulfilling its functions as a personal flotation device, the MQ Pro vest has an anatomical shape that ensures a good fit and freedom of movement. Its contained thickness and the foam in sheet, bringing flexibility, takes part in the absence of embarrassments.

MQ Pro Vest Size Guide

Size chart kayak jacket

Care instructions for the Aquarius MQ Pro kayak PFD

maintenance Kayak buoyancy aid paddle
Legal notice This product is NOT a Life Jacket but a buoyancy aid. Standard EN ISO 12402-5.

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