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Zen Warranty by Nootica

What is this all about?

Many people are reluctant when it is about purchasing items on the Internet for fear of receiving deteriorated products.

That is why Nootica has decided to launch its ZEN warranty program that takes in charge any problem that can occur during or after delivery!


What are the benefits?

Nootica works to avoid any worries or time wasting related to potential incident along the way! So, no need to wait!

In case of:
Brocken or deteriorated item
Non-compliant item
Non-delivered package
Defective item

Nootica supports the refund, exchange or the return of the items*!

* See details


Additional Bonus?

Thanks to the ZEN warranty, the withdrawal period goes from 7 days to 30 days!

Keep Zen and enjoy, Nootica takes care of everything!

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