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Aztron Terra 10.6 inflatable paddle board 2020

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Double chamber + Fusion • Length: 10.6 / 320 cm • Width: 32" / 81 cm • Volume: 270 L • Weight: 11.5 kg / 25 Lbs • Thickness: 6"/15 cm • Max load: 143 kg / 315 Lbs • Max recommended rider weight: 95 kg / 209 Lbs

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Price as configured: $585.83


The TERRA 10'6 board is one of the touring boards designed for light to medium riders who prefer to ride long distances. The tapered shape facilitates control which keeps the board responsive and agile. Dual layer fusion technology not only reduces weight but also increases the overall stiffness and performance of the board.
For 2020, some details have been improved: a new carry bag, a new fin system for even more reliability and better transmission of forces.

By Nootica SUP experts

Aztron, cutting-edge technology

Paddle, Surf and more

These three words truly define Aztron and represent its core values. As a brand, Aztron remains true to its foundation: "Everything for sport!"

Innovation, safety, style and performance

Aztron is a brand created by enthusiasts whose main focus has always been water sports. The objective is to offer everyone the highest level of innovation, safety, design and quality of water sports products. Aztron has pushed the boundaries and worked hard to become a key player in the growth of stand up paddle boards. This reflects a positive company atmosphere, exciting products and satisfied customers.

stand up paddle double chambre

With the double chamber technology, Aztron is redefining the safety standards of the inflatable SUP board industry. Two features make the difference: the separate inner chamber provides 50% of the board's total buoyancy, guaranteeing the rider's safety in case something happens on the water. The outer chamber features an integrated construction with additional air pillars and side walls placed in the area where the paddler stands, improving the stiffness of the board by 30%.
The double chamber Aztron construction makes the paddler feel like he is paddling on a rigid board. At Aztron, the double chamber technology is applied to all inflatable boards.

stand up paddle double chamber rigid

Just like a rigid board

The revolutionary second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side-wall I-beam structure, which increases the hull’s stiffness significantly. Covers nearly half of the total board, and places just behind the bungee cords then all the way down to the end of foot pad. The added chamber is strategically placed in the standing area, which overcomes the "soft" and "unstable" disadvantages of an air SUP – therefore providing a very stable paddling experience even in the choppy water or stronger wind.

stand up paddle double chamber security

Paddling safe

Stand up paddle is fun, but paddling safely should be the priority. Aztron's double chamber technology gives riders of all levels the peace of mind to manage any aquatic environment. The inner chamber offers at least 60 litres of additional buoyancy and is therefore a plus in case of air leakage. Optimum safety is then ensured.

stand up paddle double couche fusion

The future: Fusion technology

"Extra rigid and ultra light." Fused double layer technology is recognised as the first-class construction process. This high-end material technology applies to all Aztron inflatable paddle boards (except the Lunar, Mercury and Titan). They are equipped with a second upper PVC layer assembled by fusion to the lower layer. They are directly hot-laminated on the base layer and around the dropstitch. This construction gives incredible stiffness to the board for an ultimate blend of performance, quality and lightness

Therefore, fusion technology is the future, it offers an innovative and even more resistant material by using a fusion construction that uses less glue. In a nutshell, Aztron Fusion stand up paddle boards are more durable and will last longer than traditional boards.

stand up paddle double couche fusion


Stand up paddle Aztron TERRA 10.6

  • - Double chamber construction for more safety and rigidity
  • - High quality materials
  • - Optimal visual impact
  • - 4mm ultra grip EVA foam pad
  • - The tail allows the paddler to maximize the performance of each turn
  • - Quality D-rings
  • - A bungee system
  • - Nylon central handle with rubber reinforcement for more comfort and an easy transport
  • - Removable central fin

A new, much more practical fin

The central fin of the Aztron 2020 inflatable SUPs is upgraded to a U.S. box structure with reinforced nylon. The new central fin can be removed effortlessly and without complication. It gives the rider the choice of removing the fin when paddling on the shore or in shallow water, or simply removing it for indoor fitness activities. Installation is very easy! Simply slide the metal rod (at the base of the fin) into the US-box and put it into place. The fin is delivered with a fixing screw that fits into the plate already located in the fin-box.
No tools are required. Just insert it and go!

Aileron derive paddle gonflable


Double chamber construction

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra 10.6

"Incredibly safe." The double chamber construction is Aztron's signature technology and applies to all Aztron inflatable stand up paddles. The second air chamber offers at least 100 litres of buoyancy, which effectively ensures passenger safety. The inner chamber has additional inflated threads and side walls placed in the "standing area". It gives the board 30% more stiffness. With the double chamber structure, it's like paddling with a rigid board.

Stand up paddle Aztron double chamber Terra

Wide board

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra 10.6 largeur

The Aztron All-Around and Touring inflatable paddle boards offer a wide shape for all skill levels. The 32 "(81cm) wide design offers superior stability while maintaining a fast design to glide through the water with minimal slowing.

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra largeur

Thickness 15 cm

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra 10.6 epaisseur 15 cm

All Aztron inflatable stand up paddles are 6 inches thick, which makes the SUP very stable compared to a 4 inch SUP. The extra 2 inches greatly improves stiffness even under pressure from a heavier paddler who wants to make sure there is absolutely no flex on the board. The 6-inch thickness is also ideal for those who want to feel safe on the water because the waterline does not rise, or only slightly.

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra epaisseur 15cm

Grooved diamond footpad 4 mm

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra 10.6 softpad

The EVA pad is made of one piece. Its soft appearance and large surface area combined with the 4 mm groove provides traction and comfort.

Stand up paddle pad Aztron Terra

A bungee system

Stand up paddle Aztron elastique de pont

The extendable and adjustable front bungee system allows the paddler to carry extras such as

  • - a PFD
  • - a waterproof bag
  • - an dry canister
  • - a snack and a bottle of water

Stand up paddle Aztron TERRA elastique de pont

Carry handle

Stand up paddle Aztron poignee de transport

Integrated central handle for easy and stress-free transport. All Aztron handles have a neoprene coating and a rubber backing. They offer solidity and allow the user a good grip as well as comfortable transport.

Stand up paddle poignee de transport  Aztron Terra


Stand up paddle Aztron rocker design

With a rocker of 6 "(15cm), the nose of the board reduces water resistance. The design allows the user to turn easily and with less effort.

Stand up paddle Aztron Terra rocker touring

The TERRA 10.6 Aztron inflatable stand up paddle in 2 words?

Directionality and speed

Caratcéristiques stand up paddle gonflable Aztron Terra 10.6

Find more information on the Aztron website


Length : 10'6" (320 cm)
Thickness : 6" (15 cm)
Width : 32" (81 cm)
Volume : 270 liters
Weight : 11.5 kg / 25 Lbs
Max. payload : 143 kg / 315 Lbs
Maximum rider weight : 95 kg / 209 Lbs
Inflation pressure : 15 Psi
Number of chamber : 2

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