Aztron Urono 11.6 inflatable paddle board - 2019

Double chamber + Fusion • Length: 11.6 / 350 cm • Width: 32" / 81 cm • Volume: 306 L • Weight: 12,5 kg • Thickness: 6"/15 cm • Max. load: 150 kg • Max. recommended rider weight: 110 kg

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Price as configured: $420.99


The URONO 11'6 "has a truly classic SUP touring shape and is therefore one of the most classic boards in the Aztron range. Built with a DOUBLE technology (double chamber with double fusion layer), this inflatable paddle board is extremely durable and offers great rigidity and a good quality/price ratio, the URONO inflatable board is designed to be as easy to maneuver as possible.
For 2020, some details have been improved: new carrying bag, new aileron attachment system for even greater reliability and better force transmission.

Nootica SUP experts

Aztron, cutting-edge technology

Paddle, Surf and More

These three words truly define Aztron and represent its core values.

Innovative, Safety, Style, Performance

Aztron is a brand run by passionate people, whose big love has always been watersports. They aim to offer each rider from every target group and style the highest level of innovation, safety, design and quality water sports products. Aztron develops paddle board and surf board gear that is not only safe and innovative, but also transforms this passion into a unique design.

With the Double Chamber Technology, Aztron redefines the safety standards of the inflatable stand-up paddle board industry. Two features mark the difference: the separate inner chamber ensures 50 percent buoyancy of the total board floatation, therefore guaranteeing the rider safety in case anything happens on the water. The added chamber features an integrated construction with extra air pillars and sidewalls placed in the standing area, which is most critical to an iSUP and gives the board 30 percent more stiffness. With the Aztron Double Chamber construction, it makes the rider feels just like paddling on a hard board. Aztron applies the Double Chamber technology on all of their air boards.

stand up paddle double chambre rigide

Just like a hard board

The revolutionary second chamber acts like a surrounded and double side-wall I-beam structure, which increases the hull’s stiffness significantly. Covers nearly half of the total board, and places just behind the bungee cords then all the way down to the end of foot pad. The added chamber is strategically placed in the standing area, which overcomes the "soft" and "unstable" disadvantages of an air SUP – therefore providing a very stable riding experience even in the choppy water or stronger wind.

stand up paddle double chambre securite

Paddling safe

Paddling is fun but paddling safe should be the priority one. The Aztron Double Chamber Technology gives riders of all level with peace of mind to handle any water environment. The added inner chamber offers at least 100 - 150 liters of safety buoyancy in case of air leaking, which ensure rides'safety effectively.

Double Layer Fusion technology: the future of air SUPs

"Extra Stiff and Ultra Light." The Aztron Double Layer Fusion is recognized as the industry’s leading construction process. This premium material technology applies on all our Touring and Specialty air boards. Featuring a top and bottom second PVC fusion layers which are directly heat laminated onto the core layer and around the drop-stitch material. By using the machine lamination of the layers or the high density structural PVC to the top and bottom adhesive layer under controlled conditions, effectively avoid any human factors might involve in the traditional Double Layer process. As this whole process is done at the raw material stage, it creates a torsion stiffness and bonding, which leads to an ultimate blend of performance, quality and weight. Therefore, the Fusion Tech is the Future, it offers an innovative yet stronger DWF core material by using a less glue fusion construction. Adding the Double Layer Fusion to our manufacturing process makes the air boards absolutely more durable and ensures a better performance.

stand up paddle double couche fusion

What characterizes the Aztron Urono 11.6 inflatable paddle board?

Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno 11.0

  • - Double chamber construction for greater safety and rigidity
  • - High quality materials
  • - Optimum visual impact
  • - EVA foam pad 4mm ultra grip
  • - The pad's tail allows the paddler to maximize the performance of each turn
  • - D-rings for towing and leash, quality transport of waterproof bags
  • - A bungee system
  • - Nylon central handle with rubber reinforcement for comfort and transport
  • - Removable central fin

An inflatable paddle board with high-end features

Double chamber construction

Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno 11.0
Stand up paddle Aztron double chamber Uruno

Wide board

Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno 11.0 largeur
Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno largeur

Thickness 15 cm

Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno 11.0 epaisseur 15 cm
Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno epaisseur 15cm

Footpad diamond grooved 4 mm

Stand up paddle Aztron Uruno 11.6 softpad
Stand up paddle pad Aztron Urono

Bridge elastic for transporting material

Stand up paddle Aztron elastique de pont
Stand up paddle Aztron URONO elastique de pont

Central handle

Stand up paddle Aztron poignee de transport
Stand up paddle poignee de transport  Aztron Urono


Stand up paddle Aztron rocker design
Stand up paddle Aztron Urono rocker touring

The inflatable paddle stand up URONO 11.6 Aztron in short?

Directionality and long distance

Caratcéristiques stand up paddle gonflable Aztron Urono 11.6


Length : 11'6" (350 cm)
Thickness : 6" (15 cm)
Width : 32" (81 cm)
Volume : 306 litres
Weight : 12.5 kg
Max. payload : 150 kg
Max. wrinkle weight : 110 kg
Inflation pressure : 15 Psi
Number of chamber : 2

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Customer Reviews

2 Review(s)
July 22, 2019
Awesome board!
I tested this board for 2 weeks now and I am impressed with it's performance.
The board is a bit heavier than most of the boards in the same category and all build materials seem top quality.
Because of the dual chamber design it's very stiff and stable on the water even in waves, without sacrificing speed. The rocker shape and pointy nose help a lot.
It's also very fun to play with in the water. Step back turns and nose 360 turns are very easy with this board.
For me it's the perfect balance between speed and stability.
The foam padding is very comfortable and has good traction both barefoot or with water shoes.
Overall it's a great intermediary board for the price, with features that you can only find in more expensive boards.
Hopefully the materials will also stand the test of time.
September 14, 2018
Stiff, durable, and feature-packed iSUP for the price!
SUP Board
-Board is heavy. This means that the board don't entirely sit on the water. You can feel that there's a lot of material used to make this board.
-The board is rigid due to the double chamber
-rocker is quite good to potentially handle waves
-the build quality is above average for the price
-the design is up-to-date, it doesn't look like a cheap board

-both valves were slightly leaking but I just had to tighten it with the tool provided. (no more leak after this fix)
-white rubber pads meaning it can easily catch dirt

Bag - nothing special about the bag. It comes with comfortable thick straps. It is big enough for all the gear plus more.

Paddle - I went with the speed paddle as I believe it has the best price/performance ratio. I don't have to worry about hitting something and breaking the paddle. As expected, the paddle is light and durable. However, the paddle seem to be off-centre or non-symmetrical. Otherwise, great for the price.

Pump - double-action pump works can be switched to single action. However, it is a bit noisy and the single-action doesn't quite work well. I do like that it has a vacuum function (i.e. pump out the air from the board). this ensures that you can wrap everything up tightly after your sessions.

Compared to a Fanatic 11 6 Pure Air, this board is a little bit less stable but faster with better tracking mainly due to a more pointy design and the weight.

I highly recommend this board given that the next double-chamber iSUP is about twice the price, if not more! The features added in this board is worth the extra money compared to buying a Aqua Marina or some other cheap alternatives.

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