Bait Boat Boatman Actor Boat - Basic black

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Bait Boat ? Bait boat Catamaran ? 2 containers ? Autonomy 5 hours ? Range 500 m ? Delivered with remote control, charger, battery ? Leds on the front and back


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The Boatman brand is specialized in the manufacture of radio-controlled priming boats for many years. Boatman is considered by the biggest names in "Specimen Hunting" as the Specimen Hunting", as the essential ally of carp anglers.

Indeed, the brand has allowed to democratize the use of bait boats by lowering the lower prices. Today, Boatman radio-controlled boats are considered as efficient, reliable reliable and among the most robust on the market. They can navigate in waters up to up to Class 3/4.

Actor Boat Basic the best selling Bait Boat

bait boat not expensive

The Actor Boat is Boatman's best selling bait boat. The catamaran is the ultimate bait boat bait boat, its typical shape, ensures a perfect flotation and a stability stability even in the most extreme conditions (waves and wind).

Located on each side of the hull, the two ventilated engines give the necessary power to sail at more than more than 5 km/h at full load. The control of these engines is done independently of each other which allows to direct the the boat. This feature ensures perfect handling of the catamaran and gives it the ability to turn on the spot. This is a major advantage when the lines have to be laid very precisely (on the edge or under foliage).

To facilitate transport and launching, the Actor Boat man bait boat is equipped with a handle.

The 2 loading bins of the Bait Boat Actor Boatman

The Bait Boat Actor Boat can help you in situations where casting is almost impossible on planes water, for example, very crowded. Throwing your rig between 2 branches or very precisely at a long distance is sometimes a distance, is sometimes a feat. The Bait Boat Actor Boatman will place it the first time and with an accuracy that could not be achieved from the spot where you are fishing.

For this, 2 possibilities :

  • Place your rig in the central loading tray by passing under the Bait Boat and close the the hatch.
  • Place your rig in the rear loading box and close the hatch, letting the line pass under the door the door.

The main purpose of the two loading trays is to allow you to place your baits even in the most difficult to reach places even in the most difficult to access places. Thanks to this remote controlled boat, you will be able to place boilies, seeds and pellets. The 2 hoppers open independently.

Center Hopper

Center Hopper

The Bait Boat Actor Boat's center hopper door is opened with the remote control button the button on the remote control located on the top left.

Rear Hopper

Rear Hopper

The Bait Boat Actor Boat's rear hopper door is opened with the remote control button on the upper right the remote control button on the upper right hand side.

The capacity of the bait hopper is 1.5 kg.

The actor Boat is a very stable remote controlled Bait Boat

Catamaran bait boat

Stable and easy to maneuver

The low center of gravity allows the Actor Boatman to remain stable in the water stable in the water, even in waves and waves and wind. Its typical catamaran shape ensures perfect flotation and stability stability. In addition to ensuring good directionality, this shape allows the Bait Boat not to not capsize in the the risk of seeing its bait lost.

engine bait boat

Dual engine priming boat

The boat has no rudder in which the line/braid could get tangled. The Bait Boat Actor Boat is steered by two independent propeller engines. Steering the boat is so simple that it can be done with one hand. The boat sails in all directions and can even and can even turn around on the spot.
Even though the propellers are protected in the housing and are recessed, a pair of from propellers are supplied with the Bait Boat.

Bait Boat Actor Boatman Control Range

Using technology that allows transmission in the 2.4 GHz band provides a range of 500 meters. Communication is resistant to interference. The antenna, placed inside the boat's hull, facilitates smooth passage under the branches

Boatman has included an "autopilot" function in the Bait Boat Actor Boat remote control. By the joystick for 3 seconds to move the Actor Boat forward, the autopilot function engages and and you can let go of the joystick. The boat will move forward by itself until you press the joystick the joystick downwards.

The Bait Boat remains visible from a distance

actor boat led front light

LED light at the front

The Bait Boat Actor Boat has a very powerful led on the front. It can be can be switched on or off from the remote from the remote control. Its power will allow you to locate your remote controlled boat in the far away. The control and navigation are greatly facilitated.

actor boat Signal lights

Rear Signal Lights

At the rear of the Bait Boat, Boatman has installed red LEDs to allow once again to allow remote control of the boat. The lights indicate whether the boat is turning to port or starboard to port or starboard.

We appreciate

  • Great autonomy thanks to the lithium battery
  • Speed: 5 km/h
  • Long range: 500 meters
  • Auto pilot
  • Independent hatches
  • Stability and maneuverability

We regret that

  • Transport bag not provided
  • You have to take the battery out of the boat to recharge it


Dimensions : 506 x 267 x 188 mm
Hull material : ABS
Load capacity : 1.5 kg per flap
Scope : 500 meters
Frequency of the remote control : 2.4 GHz
Speed : 70m/min
Battery of the priming boat : 7.4 V - 5000 Mah / 10000 Mah
Continuous use 2h30min / 5h :
Charging time 5h for 5000 Mah / 10h for 10000 Mah :
Remote control battery : 7 V - 800 Mah
Continuous use : 4h
Loading time : 1h30

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