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JockeyOsculati wheel

Adjustable / fixed / height adjustable jockey wheel

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Spare wheel Ø 390 mm

With tyres, for trolleys Ø hole 20 mm. Ø 390mm


Plastic4Water lifting wheels

Fits on all inflatable boats. Wheel diameter: 25 cm. Sold by 2.


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Eckla Rafty 260 Folding Cart

Cart for inflatable boats • 60 x 98 x 52 cm • Weight: 8,2 Kg • Capacity: 80 Kg •Wheel diameter: 260 mm


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Launching wheels 3D Tender

Launching wheels


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Eckla Foldy Folding Cart

Cart for inflatable and folding boats. 50 x 68 x 100 cm • Weight 4,9 Kg • Capacity 60 Kg • Wheel diameter 260mm


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Foldable launching wheels (x2) 260mm

Load capacity 150 kg. Weight 8.6 kg. Dismountable and liftable, to be fixed on the transom. All annexes.


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