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Railblaza Eye 25

Railblaza Eye 25 This versatile ring can be used in a great variety of ways. Livré par 2, sans receveur.

Starting at: $9.78

Bridge panel Railblaza blocker

The deck panel blocker, a simple but effective multi-position wedge.


Railblaza Hook

Railblaza Hook

Starting at: $10.15

Railblaza Drinkhold

Railblaza drink holder

Starting at: $14.92

Regular Price: $15.04

QuickGrip paddleRailblaza attachment ø28mm for Star receiver

QuickGrip Railblaza paddle attachment ø28mm for Star receiver


QuickGrip paddleRailblaza attachment ø32mm for Star receiver

QuickGrip Railblaza paddle attachment ø32mm for Star receiver


Pair of cleats Railblaza

Railblaza cleats are a low-profile, extendable solution for hanging your ropes, hoses, rods power cords, bicycles, fishing, harpoons, paddles and much more. Supplied with stainless steel screws, the one meter long cord can be cut shorter if necessary. Disclaimer : Maximum weight = 10kg (20lb) per hook. Choose a sturdy surface for installation, some surfaces may not support the maximum load. - 2 x Hooks - 2 x 1m cords - 4 x stainless steel screws


Railblaza StarPort Extender - Fixed or Adjustable

Now, your StarPort mounting system can either stand tall or bend over backwards to help you!

Starting at: $17.91

Fixation / attache Railblaza 75

La U-fixation est conçu pour fixer rames, pagaies, cannes dans n’importe quel receveur Railblaza.


Railblaza G Hold - 35 mm

The RAILBLAZA G-Hold range holds varying sizes of poles, tools and bundles, like fishing rods, shovels, boathooks

Starting at: $18.50

Fastening forRailblaza bimini

Bimini connection with U-shaped mounting - Black or White

Starting at: $20.29

Rail Railblaza modulable ExpandaTrack

Rail Railblaza modulable ExpandaTrack



Plateforme Railblaza rotative R

160 x 60mm



Railblaza Adjustable Platform - Black

Railblaza Adjustable Platform - Black


Railblaza Cup Holder

This device is compatible with vertical and horizontal mounts and can hold a mug, a cup or a bottle

Starting at: $26.86

Storage basket Railblaza

This Railblaza storage bin will allow you to store and keep safely all your personal belongings such as keys, phone, VHF, sunscreen or a cup.

Starting at: $27.46

QuickGrip paddle railRailblaza mounting

1 x mounting plate and paddle clip - 2 x hexagon head screws - 2 x plastic buttons - 2 x stainless steel TractNuts


Bras Railblaza pivotant R-Lock

Bras pivotant Railblaza R-Lock



Railblaza Flag Kit

Light, handheld and flexible • 1200mm length • 300x150mm flag included.


Receveur Railblaza StarPort E-serie - 12V

Le StarPort 12V série E combine une prise 12 volts DC 3 ampères dans notre base permettant la connexion de spots LED, de ventilateurs de cabine, de sondeurs et de nombreux autres appareils.



Railblaza Plastic Tray

Railblaza Plastic Tray

Starting at: $37.60

Regular Price: $38.44

Paire fixation Railblaza dame de nage Rowlock

Paire fixation Railblaza dame de nage Rowlock

Starting at: $37.60

Railblaza Extanda Pole 1000 Extension

Railblaza Extanda Pole 1000 Extension


Railblaza Flagpole

Easy to attach/take off •Compatible with all Railblaza mounts • Length: 80cm

Starting at: $42.98

Regular Price: $47.75


Railblaza Black tube cane holder

Swivels 360° horizontally and 90° vertically


Platform Railblazawith fish finder attachment R-Lock R

The R rotary platform can be used as a flat surface to make many items StarPort-compatible, which means that these items can all be plugged and locked onto your inflatable boat, kayak, or sailboat.


Fish finder R-Lock mounting with Hook 2 adapter

R-Lock fish finder mount with Hook 2 adapter allowing Lowrance HOOK2 4x and 5x models to become StarPort-compatible, easy to tilt and remove.


C-TUG Railblazaconnecting bar with straps

C-TUG Railblaza connecting bar with straps 2 x 2.5m x 38mm constructed for all terrains. Tool-free assembly in seconds


Support Railblaza ajustable - StarPort inclus

Support Railblaza pour smartphone VHF ajustable - StarPort inclus



QuickGripRailblaza attachment for pole ø28mm

QuickGrip pole mount ø28mm


QuickGripRailblaza fastening for pole ø32mm

QuickGrip Railblaza pole mounting ø32mm


Kayak and tender boat fishfinder arm XL

With this kit, you can install and uninstall your fishfinder in seconds.


Roues Railblaza Kiwi anti crevaison pour chariot C-TUG

Roue anti-crevaison • Diamètre 262.40 mm



Railblaza Illuminate I360 Navigation Light

The i360 meets the required standards for an all-round white navigation light for power and sailboats under 12 metres, and kayaks & canoes.


Red/green LED light ILLUMINATE IPS 3Railblaza

Red/green mode 2nm. Battery life 12-14 H


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Railblaza Fillet Table + StarPorts

The Fillet Table II is injection moulded quality, rigid, and a convenient size


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Railblaza SandTrakz Spare Wheels for C-Tug

Railblaza SandTrakz Spare Wheels for C-Tug


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Visibility pack Railblaza

Railblaza Visibility Pack with very easy and quick disassembly when you have finished your session!


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C-Tug transom wheels Railblaza

This new system consists of a pair of C-Tug Railblaza transom wheels that fit under the underside of your boat.


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Railblaza C-Tug SandTrakz Kayak Trolley

The smartest kayak trolley in the world!



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Visibility kit Railblaza 360° white light + mast + red light green + 3 receivers

The kit includes all the night lighting required to navigate at night in a light boat.


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