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Male tank nozzle Plastimo - Yamaha

Plastimo male tank nozzle - Yamaha


Jerrycan Vdm hydrocarbons - 5L

Jerrycan model reinforced, waterproof and non-deformable. With articulated spout.


Jerrycan hydrocarbon Proxitech

Red plastic jerry can from 5L to 20L

Starting at: $10.74

Nuova Rade jerrycan

Very stable and easy to grip.

Starting at: $11.29

Regular Price: $12.32


Hose with PVCNuova Rade bulb

Hose with Nuova Rade PVC pear. Available in two diameters

Starting at: $14.69

Hose with PVCPlastimo bulb

Hose with pear Plastimo PVC


Hose with Nuova Rade rubber bulb

Hose with Nuova Rade rubber bulb. Available in two lengths.

Starting at: $21.47

Plastimo High density feeder

Nurse made of high density polyethylene. A compartment at the bottom of the nurse is the safety reserve, you only need to lean the nurse to access it.

Starting at: $29.38

Nurse holder Nuova Rade with strap

Universal support with strap 280 x 178 mm. Take your nanny safely on board.


Nurse Osculati - With or Without level indicator

Feed from 12 to 22 litres

Starting at: $33.90

Jerrycan Hydrocarbon Metal Proxitech - 20L

Jerrican Metal 20L




Nuova Rade fuel tank with gauge & filter

Fuel Portable Tank with Filter - HDPE - Ø 8mm outlet with filter - With vented filler cap

Starting at: $59.90

Hose and bulb kit for engineParson

Kit to connect your Parson engine to a nanny.


Parson Nurse tip kit

Kit composed of a male end cap and a gasket for connection to a nourrice.


Hose with bulb Sierra for Yamaha motor Ø 10mm

Durite avec poire Sierra pour moteur Yamaha Ø 10mm



15 Item(s)

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