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Boilies Radical Carpe Pineapple Zombie

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Boilies Radical Carpe Pineapple Zombie - 16mm



Boilies Radical Carpe Pineapple Zombie - 20mm




Who doesn't know the reputation of pineapple boilies! The recipe for Pineapple Zombie boilies has not changed for years.
Why is that?
Simply because it is so effective so no need to change it.
But what's so special about this boilie? The secret lies in the real pieces of fruit that are used to make it.
Anyone who is familiar with the abbreviation "NHDC" knows that it is a natural sweetener obtained from the skin of pineapples.
Its sweetening power is so strong and its texture so creamy that carp are literally crazy about it.
But the amazing effectiveness of Pineapple Zombie boilies is not only due to the fresh fruit pieces. No artificial sweeteners are used, only fruit nectar, making this bait a perfectly natural weapon.
The yellow colour of Pineapple Zombie boilies reinforces their attractiveness. This colour is recognized as one of the best in the carp fishing world.
Nobody is yet able to explain why, but the results are there and countless records
attest to this. Whether it is in baiting or mounted on a hair, the Pineapple Zombie boilies are a hit. In the warmer months, the combination with tiger nuts is simply awesome.

But, they are also perfect for winter and cold waters thanks to their high content of water-soluble particles. It is the multipurpose boilie par excellence!

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