Boss Marine Stereo Premium Package MR508UAB

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4 x 50W - AM/FM/Bluetooth/USB - integrated Bluetooth - CD player - supplied with radio antenna/4 speaker/ cover plate Car radio

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Boss Marine Stereo Premium Package MR508UAB

Bluetooth connection

This marine stereo enables Bluetooth connection of your phone with A2DP audio protocol. This profile allows you to wirelessly stream audio from your compatible device, such as a smartphone, to the stereo so you can enjoy your favourite music or music streaming service

Auxiliary input

The auxiliary input allows you to connect to the audio output of an external device such as an MP3 player or smartphone so you can enjoy your music through your system.

Built-in preset equalizer

The built-in preset EQ allows you to choose from preset EQ curves for a variety of music styles such as rock or POP.


Allows our Bluetooth equipped source units to make wireless hands-free calls when paired with a Bluetooth equipped smartphone. Communicate via the built-in microphone on most of our units and listen through your boat's speakers.

Removable front panel

The detachable front panel allows all or, in some cases, part of the front control panel to be removed, rendering the radio unusable in the event of theft.

Smart CD player

ESP [Electronic Skip Protection] is a function that buffers the CD during playback, storing 5 seconds of music. If disc playback is interrupted, the player momentarily uses the stored data, while the tracking circuit finds the pre-interrupt passage on the CD for continuous execution. So even if it moves, there is no risk of the CD skipping.

Fully marinated

Fully marinated is the term we use for our marine and outdoor products that are weatherproof. We incorporate high-tech, state-of-the-art sealing materials and special UV coatings for plastic surfaces, printed circuit boards and connections to protect the product from hostile external elements and resist corrosion.

Pre-amplified output

The preamp outputs of this unit allow you to expand your system by adding up to 2 amps and/or signal processors.

RDS Tuner

The Radio Data System (RDS) provides information on the radio display such as station name, allows a broadcaster to send a message of up to 64 characters that can scroll items such as song titles, artist or album names, traffic and news on your radio display

Wireless remote control

A wireless remote control allows you to access the main functions of your unit from the palm of your hand.

USB Playback

The USB port will support up to 32 GB USB memory stick and can be used for music playback as well as photo and video viewing (on source units equipped with a monitor). Some units have a mini USB input but are supplied with the adapter to play full-size USB sticks.

Premium Pack

4 X Speaker

Pair of marine speakers - 180W - Power 2 x 90W RMS - Frequency response: 80Hz-20kHz - Size: ø 6.5 inches - 2-way White - 89 db - Diameter: 15.2cm - In-wall diameter: 12.7cm - In-wall depth: 5.00 cm

FM Antenna

Space-saving FM antenna.

Watertight cover

The watertight cover protects your unit (1 DIN) from excessive watering and also from blows (knees, gaffes etc...). Sturdy and watertight translucent door compatible with most built-in appliances. Dimensions : Length 231 mm x height 106 x depth 47mm. Delivered complete with mounting template, stainless steel screws and nuts.


Total Power : 200 Watts
(50 Watts x 4 HP)
MP3 : Bluetooth/CD/USB/SD

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