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AquaDesign Whistle - Orange

ISO orange whistle


Glasses clip Aqua design

Length 40,5 cm - Universal


Carabiner AquaDesign

Red-colored Carabiner.


Aqua Design Kayak Buoyancy Air Bags

Buoyancy air bags, 17,35 liters, polyurethane.

Starting at: $18.08

Aqua Design Bilge Pump

Bilge pump is manually operated by hand and will pump water quickly and efficiently from your kayak.


Aquadesign slyde PVC canyon breeches

PVC 1000 DTEX - One size fits all harnesses on the market


Hypalon Repair Kit Aqua design Blue

Hypalon repair kit - Suitable for inflatable kayaks, rafting, semi rigid


Aqua Design Halkey Roberts Kayak Valve

Inflation valve.


Aqua Design Halkey Roberts Kayak Valve

Inflation valve.


Aqua Design Halkey Roberts Kayak Valve

Inflation valve.


Bilge Pump Aqua design with Hose

Aqua Design Bilge Pump with Hose


Aqua Design Dropp Inn Waterproof Case

Waterproof case to keep your personal belongings dry.


Aqua Design Manok Mitts

Double-lined 3mm neoprene mitt, with Small Diamond, inner fleece • Sold by pair

Starting at: $27.12

Waterbag AquaDesign

Volume : 1 L


Aqua Design Keep Inn Waterproof Box

Waterproof box for your belongings or survival kit


Rod Holder AquaDesign

Adjustable fishing rod holder with spillplate. Directional with 360° in rotation and slope for a total freedom of use.


Aqua Design Bounter Kayak Mitts - One size

Waterproof and breathable winter mitts.


Foot pump 5L Aqua design

Foot inflator - 5L - Integrated pressure gauge


Adjustable kayak skirt Aquadesign Java

Ripstop 420D nylon - Waterproof seams - Reinforcing strap - Safety handle - One size fits all - 4 colours available - Adjustable elastic waist and coaming tightening


Aqua Design Padd Inn Waterproof Case

ABS Waterproof Case for IPADs.


Speeder Aqua design fins

Materials: Bi-material fins in EVA and Elastomer - Construction: Mid-length flippers with integrated stiffeners - Use: With our Alpine boots

Starting at: $61.03

Paddle float SwimAqua design

Inflatable paddle float for kayak paddle allowing you to get back on the boat more easily.


Adjustable speederends Aqua design

Fins Adjustable - Bi-material EVA and Elastomer - Whitewater swimming - Diving or swimming

Starting at: $85.89

Rods Holder for 3 tackles AquaDesign

Adjustable fishing rods holder for 3 rods with 1 common plate to fix it on a flat board or on a console table.


Electric inflator Aqua design OV 10/40

Electric inflator - Large volumes - fast and efficient - 2000L / min


Balloon Aqua design transport trolley

Transport Trolley - Aqua Design - Sand - Gravel - Boats


Electrical inflator Aqua design MB 500/220

Electric inflator - Aqua Design - Canoe - Speed


Gonfleur éléctrique Aqua Design MB 1000/220

Gonfleur électrique • Aqua Design • Canoe • Rapidité


Pump Aqua design Raft Carlson

Pump - Carlson - 4.5L/6L/12L

Starting at: $492.72

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