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Cleaner Clin'azur 206 Bio windows 750 ml

206 is an alcohol-free glass and plexi cleaner based on essential oils. Don't leave rings.


Nettoyant Teck Clin Azur 200 - Phase 1 - 1L

Nettoie en profondeur le teck et les bois exotiques - Enlève les tâches et dégraisse.


Clin'Azur 214 Sails and awnings cleaner

Formulation for the cleaning of heavy textiles, in particular sails, covers and tarpaulins. Guaranteed efficiency in cold or hot water!

Starting at: $18.21

Clin'Azur reinforced multi-purpose cleaner 90NF - 700 ml

90 NF is an excellent ready-to-use, disinfectant and perfumed all-purpose cleaner. Clean everything on board.


Clin'Azur 03 shims and engine cleaner

Ideal for degreasing and cleaning all surfaces contaminated by mineral oils or greases.

Starting at: $21.74

Clin'Azur Dical 102 Rust Runner Cleaner

102 removes rust drips on the hulls, safe for gelcoat. New formula 2015.

Starting at: $21.86

Clin'azur 80NF Black Trace Cleaner

80 NF is more concentrated, and will be preferred to remove black traces due to exhausts on rear panels, waterline, rebellious stains.

Starting at: $22.95

Clin'Azur Cleaner 219 pneumatic annexes

Composition for the safe and rapid cleaning of pneumatic annexes, especially white ones

Starting at: $24.16

Clin'Azur 302 1L Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

Cleans leather, leather, leather and all plastics surfaces. Does not alter colours in dilute solution


Organic shim cleaner Clin'Azur 02

02 is a biodegradable, odourless, and very effective cleaner. For cleaning engine wall and bottom wedges.

Starting at: $26.71

Clin'Azur 216 anti-slip bridge cleaner

Alkaline detergent for deep cleaning of anti-slip bridges, but also on all surfaces such as: plastics, skai, sails, tarpaulins, tyres...

Starting at: $26.71

Calcium glass cleaner Clin'Azur 210 - 500gr

Product used to remove calcium stains (salt deposits) that mark boat glazing leaving traces of droplets that detergents cannot remove.



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