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Clin'azur 204 gelcoat renovator

Thick polishing paste for the renovation of plastic surfaces such as polyester, gelcoat or epoxy.

Starting at: $15.56

Clin Azur 240 anodized aluminum renovator

Specially designed for anodized aluminum. Renovates and restores shine.

Starting at: $24.00

Clin'Azur 31 rust converter

Neutralizes the corrosion process of the metal and converts rust into a chemical protective barrier.

Starting at: $25.93

Clin'Azur leather care milk 312 500 ml

Cleans and beautifies leaving a slight shine. Suitable for all leathers, even the most supple ones.




Clin'azur textile waterproofing 215 - 750 ml

Waterproof all types of textiles, covers, clothing, canvas etc. Acts in depth, directly in the heart of the fibre.




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