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Cressi Mach Spearhead for SL Speargun

Metal threaded spear tip for Cressi pneumatic speargun SL Star or SL reducer.


Cressi extension for Drake bracelet

Cressi extension for Drake bracelet




Cressi Shaft - SL Star and SL Reducer Spearguns

Shaft in stainless steel for SL Cressi spearguns.

Starting at: $16.14

Cressi Vigo Knife

Vigo is a knife with high quality blade made from stainless steel and suitable for all diving situations.




Cressi Mesh Bag for Small Accessories

Mesh bag to attach to the waist for small accessories and light equipment.


Sunglass Cressi Ninja

Sunglass with polarized lenses.




Cressi Knife Supertotem

An inexpensive, average-size knife with an excellent quality-price ratio.


Cressi Speargun Reel - Capacity 35 metres

Fits any Cressi speargun • Capacity 35 metres


Cressi Premium Elastic Elastic Belt Buckle Marseillaise

Premium Rubber Belt - Stainless steel buckle - Triple stainless steel rivet




Cressi Knife Skorpion

Skorpion is a modern establishment, medium-sized knife with a futuristic design and a strong, tempered blade.




Reel Cressi R

Compatible with all Cressi rifles rubber bands - Capacity from 20 to 50 meters

Starting at: $51.98


To 5/3/2022

Cressi Killer Spearfishing Knife

A small knife highly appreciated because it is easy to handle and the blade penetrates really well.


Cressi Knife Orca

This legendary product has been around for years and years and has now become a sought-after collector's item.




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