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Anti-slip powder International bag

Mix with the paint of your choice to obtain a non-slip finish, or with Interdeck paint to increase its non-slip properties.



Thinner No. 1: For brushing conventional single-component products and cleaning the equipment used to apply these products

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General Thinner VC Thinner - 1 LInternational

It is used to dilute VC products, when necessary and for cleaning application equipment. It can be used to strip antifouling VC17M.


WatertiteInternational epoxy putty - model: 0.25 L

Your boat is not only subject to bad weather.


Interstrip AFInternational stripper

Stripper specially formulated to remove antifouling. It is non-aggressive and does not damage gel coats.

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WatertiteInternational epoxy putty - model: 1 L

Conventional one-component, fast-drying primer - Fast drying, anti-corrosive properties - Can be used under most antifoulings, or as an insulation layer on an unknown antifouling.



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Epoxy primer Gelshield PlusInternational

Non-solvent-based epoxy treatment, applicable at high thickness.

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