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Primary Primary PrimaryInternational

Conventional one-component, fast-drying primer - Fast drying, anti-corrosive properties - Can be used under most antifoulings, or as an insulation layer on an unknown antifouling.

Starting at: $36.37

Primary Primary - Color: Grey - Volume: 0.75 LInternational

Can be used in areas immersed under an antifouling, or to isolate an unknown antifouling.


InterprotectInternational Epoxy Primer

Two-component epoxy primer with fast drying - Easy to use - Offers excellent anti-corrosive protection.

Starting at: $48.49

Primary International Yacht Primer

Conventional fast-drying primer for wood, steel, aluminium and light alloys above the waterline. The aluminium flakes contained in it form an excellent anti-corrosive barrier.

Starting at: $48.49

Epoxy primer Gelshield 200International

Expoxy primer provides excellent protection of gelcoat coated polyester against osmosis, easy to apply and fast drying.

Starting at: $53.34

Epoxy primer International VC TAR 2

Epoxy primer for the treatment of steels, light alloys and protection against losmosis on gelcoat. Ideal primer for the antifouling of the VC range.

Starting at: $64.25

Epoxy primer Gelshield PlusInternational

Non-solvent-based epoxy treatment, applicable at high thickness.

Starting at: $213.36

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