Landing Nets

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JMC X Racquet Outlet

Aluminium frame, soft two-tone mesh, foam handle with elastic cord.

Starting at: $30.15

Regular Price: $32.56


Landing net JMC R

3 sizes available :

Starting at: $34.97


JMC P Racquet + Magnetic Clip + Meter

Aluminium frame, sturdy net, ergonomic plastic handle with elastic cord. Available with 3 models

Starting at: $47.03

Regular Price: $49.44


Jmc Extra Large Wooden Racquets + Clip + Meter

A snowshoe net with an extra large wooden frame and a fine mesh net to avoid damaging the fish.


JMC Wood DLX Racquets + Magnetic Clip + Meter

Varnished wood of very high quality. Wide woven mesh net.

Starting at: $125.41

5 Item(s)

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