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Since 1983, Matt Chem Marine has been creating maintenance products as well as concepts for marine and industrial applications.

It was in 1998 that Matt Chem opened up to boating to launch the manufacture of boat maintenance and renovation products.

With the long-standing motto "a clean sea for future generations", Matt Chem produces solutions that comply with legal and environmental standards and aim to minimise the impact on marine life.

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Oil for toilet gasket Matt Chem W.C LUB - Bottle 125ml

Lubricates the surfaces and internal mechanical parts of W. C. pumps (piston, guide, rubber, valves...).


Matt Chem Ayers Rust Neutralizer 125 ml

Rust neutralizing desoxidizer. 125 ml.


Eraser Matt Chem trace black More Nine 1 liter

Black trace eraser on shells and super structures. Spray 1 liter.


Bactend 125mlMatt Chem Marine

Recommended for treating the tank during the wintering period. Free of chlorine and silver nitrate. Packaged in 125 ml bottles.


Matt Chem Anti-Rust Gelcoat Rust Eraser

Removes rust drips on gelcoat and painted surfaces.


Sorb OilMatt Chem Marine

Absorbent sheets


Ophos Phosphoric Acid 1L Matt Chem Marine

Deoxidation and passivation treatment of ferrous metals before painting without rinsing.


Aquasale 250MLMatt Chem Marine Body Shampoo

Special seawater body shampoo


Gelcoat Retouch' Matte Chem Marine White Cream 150ml

Boat spray paint 150ml - Creamy white


Gelcoat Retouch' Matte Chem Marine White Pure 150ml

Boat spray paint 150ml - Pure White


Matt Chem Gel with Cleanbat gelcoat

Quickly and easily removes yellow stains and rust from gelcoat and painted surfaces without the emission of steam.

Starting at: $19.18

Matt Chem M.4605 - 1 litre


Aquasale Matt Chem Special dishwashing liquid sea water

Liquid detergent with a fresh lime scent. Free of caustic substances and phosphates. No aggressiveness to the skin. 250 ML


Stop Moisi Matt Chem Mildew Stain Remover fabric 600ml

Removes mould bites. Spray in thin layers on the surface to be treated. In the case of very fragile or coloured fabrics, it is recommended to carry out a compatibility test beforehand



Concentrated Shampoo Matt Chem KOKO 1

Quickly solubilizes grease and smoke stains. Brings shine to gelcoat and paint. Free of phosphate and silicone.


Slicky Matt Chem Sail renovators 500ML

Concentrated detergent that ensures the bleaching of sails without any attack of the fibre.


Matt Chem Nettinox Rusting Gel - 300g

Gel product that removes rust peaks on all stainless steel surfaces in a single operation.


Matt Chem Sun Teak Cleaner

Alkaline cleaner specially developed for cleaning teak and exotic woods. allows grease and oil stains to be removed without rubbing and in 15 minutes.

Starting at: $22.91

Oxalic acid Matt Chem Marine 1 kg

Oxalic Acid Matt Chem Marine 1Kg


Combifuel Matt Chem Marine 100ML

Traitement de securité. Diminue les fumées, émulsifie l'eau présente dans le gasoil.


Klinalu Matt Chem Marine 1L



I.B.S Matt Chem Marine Waterproofing cover 500 ML

Waterproofing barrier to impregnate water and aqueous liquids. Film-forming effect preventing dust and dirt from becoming embedded.


D.K.L.4 Thermal descaler 1L Matt Chem Marine

Allows a total removal of all laitance or limestone deposits that block the cooling circuits.


Matt Chem Hyp Protect Glosser for Hypalon and Neoprene

Glosser for Hypalon and Neoprene, Ready to use. Spary 500 ml


Kilbacte 1LMatt Chem Marine

Stop microbial fermentation. Special bactericide for water tanks.


Bio-Chem 1LMatt Chem Marine

Treatment for maintenance and hygiene of toilets


Bright-Teck 1LMatt Chem Marine

Bright-Teck Matt Chem Marine 1L Concentrated resurfacer teak and exotic woods phase 2


Matt Chem Supclean Concentrated Vinyl and Skai Cleaner 1L

Non-corrosive, non-caustic concentrated vegetable detergent concentrate - Removes black or greasy traces


Wonder-Oil-Teck 1LMatt Chem Marine

Wonder-Oil-Teck Matt Chem Marine 1L Oil for colourless teak


Golden Oil 1LMatt Chem Marine

Golden Oil Matt Chem Marine 1L . Oil for teak reflex gold.


Matt Chem Shampoo Protective Waxing Chem Klinperl 1 L

Allows a perfect solubilization of sludge and grease. Leaves a protective film of wax self-drying and protects against salt.


Stopo Matt Chem Marine 1L


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