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Retractable handle for Ysak kayak

Retractable handle with elastic band and ring for DAG Ysak kayaks




Poignée rétractable pour kayak RTM

Poignée rétractable avec élastique et anneau pour kayak ROTOMOD, DAG...




RTM Kayak Paddle Leash

Elasticated or nylon leash to attach your paddle to the boat so that you don't lose it away if it slips off your hands.


RTM Kayak Cargo Net

Net for securing waterproof bags or barrels on the kayak and prevent them from falling into the water.




RTM Automatic Scupper Plugs Set - 2 Holes

Automatic Scupper Plugs Set 2 Holes to prevent water from penetrating into the kayak.

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RTM Kayak Thigh Brace

This ergonomic strap provides a snug fit thus providing an ultimate comfort while paddling.


Kayak Rudder Kit RTM Fishing for Abaco and Rytmo

Rudder kit for RTM fishing kayaks Abaco and Rytmo


K-Largo & Abaco stabilizer kit RTM

Kit consisting of 2 lateral stabilizer for K-largo and Abaco.


8 Item(s)

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