Teaksea originated in Lavrion, near Athens, when Grigoris Minnoyannis, a spearfishing enthusiast, decided to make his own wooden speargun, which soon attracted the interest of spearos.
A meeting with Angelo Germidis, another keen spearo and Doctor of Science, will be crucial for the inception of the company, which was officially founded in 2001.
Today, Teaksea is a byword for quality, reliability and refinement.

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Teaksea Rubber Band

Made of high-quality natural American latex, they are available in 4 diameters: 14, 16, 17,5 and 19 mm.

Starting at: $24.86

Teaksea Spearfishing Reel

Teaksea Spearfishing Reel

Starting at: $77.98

Hyperion mechanismTeaksea

Teaksea Hyperion Mechanism - Made of Stainless Steel 316I


Teaksea Hyperion Speargun - 135 cm

It might look like an Ikan or a T8, and even an Azimuth…it's all of that and even more!




Teaksea Ikan Speargun - 125 cm

IKAN is a major evolution


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