Kayak Spraydecks

An indispensable tool to keep your kayak dry. Discover a wide range of kayak spraydecks designed and developed by the best brands: Aqua Design, Bic Sport, Beluga and many more.

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Pelican Universal kayak Spraydeck

Universal kayak skirt available in 4 adjustable sizes - Waterproof nylon - Non-slip cockpit connection - Easy to remove - Has a zipper on top

Starting at: $40.00

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NylonArtistic Kayak Skirt

Kayak skirt - Nylon - Adjustable

Starting at: $55.44

Regular Price: $76.47


Hiko Fitflex Adjustable Nylon Spraydeck

Nylon spraydeck with adjusters

Starting at: $36.47

Aqua Design Sloop Nylon Spraydeck

Nylon 420D spraydeck for large coamings (sea or freestylle kayaks)


Packlite Kayak Spraydeck

Advanced Elements designed to fit all Advanced Elements kayaks with an inflatable coaming.



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Hiko Flex 80 Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings 75 to 88 cm long - Thickness 4 mm

Starting at: $79.03

Hiko Flex 94 Neoprene Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings from 90 to 98 cm long - Thickness 4 mm

Starting at: $87.54

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Hiko Flex 87 Neoprene Kayak Spraydeck

For coamings 82 to 92 cm long - 4 mm thick

Starting at: $82.67

RTM Flex Big Deck Neoprene Spraydeck

Hard-wearing neoprene spraydeck. Fits all Dag and RTM kayaks, even SOLO.

Starting at: $103.34

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Adjustable kayak skirt Aquadesign Java

Ripstop 420D nylon - Waterproof seams - Reinforcing strap - Safety handle - One size fits all - 4 colours available - Adjustable elastic waist and coaming tightening


Coaming capHiko

Oxford 210 fabric - Adjustable elastic cord at the coaming

Starting at: $27.96

Aqua Design Kedge Nylon Spraydeck

Ripstop 420D Nylon. Hard-wearing spraydeck


Aqua Design Neoprene Spraydeck

Double lined 4 mm Yamamoto neoprene, taped seams with 25 mm safety handle.

Starting at: $86.32

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Outer casing for PackliteAdvanced Elements

Expand the possibilities on your PackLite kayak with the new Packlite outer cover.


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Rec Playboater Neoprene Spraydeck

Neoprene(4mm) spraydeck for recreational kayaking.

Starting at: $97.14

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Playboater Cockpit Cover

Cockpit cover, perfect for car travel.

Starting at: $76.47

Aqua Design Mamba Neoprene Spraydeck

4mm double lined Yamamoto neoprene sprayskirt, taped seams, 25 mm safety handle, PU-reinforced upper part.

Starting at: $108.21

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