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Eckla Roof Rack Support for Paddle

Plastic support for paddle.


Playboater Transport Rope 3m x 25mm

Dimensions 3m x 25mm • Max capacity 200 kg. Sold individually


Playboater Transport Rope 5m x 25mm

Dimensions 5m x 25mm • Max capacity 200 kg Sold individually


Foam Pad for Roof Rack

PU foam • Nylon cover • Length: 50, 75 or 100 cm • Designed for 30 x 20 mm roof racks • Sold individually

Starting at: $15.54

Door Paddle Eckla for vertical support

Door Paddle - Sold in pairs - For vertical support


Eckla Roof Racks Adapter

Also fits roof racks with T-slot system.


RTM Transport Ropes

Pair of gray and black ropes. Designed for fixing gear on a car roof.


Rockside wall rack for kayak and SUP

Sold in pairs - Steel kayak wall mount - Soft foam/rubber pads - Capacity 75 kg - Weight 3 kg




Rockside wall rack for kayak

Wall-mounted storage rack for kayak and paddle. Capacity: 30 kg




Playboater Rackguard

This security device is designed to prevent the theft of kayaks and sit on top kayaks from the roofrack of a car.


Rockside J-rack for kayak

J roof rack - Material: Steel + soft foam cushions - Size: 52x34cm - Maximum load: 75kg - Sold in pairs




Rockside V-rack for kayak

Maximum load 75 kg - Dimensions 20 x 18 cm - Delivered with 2 straps




Eckla Kayak and Surfboard Roof Racks

Roof racks for kayaks and surfboards. 20 or 40 cm.

Starting at: $44.58

Eckla Oval Cradles

Cradles for fixing a kayak on roof racks.

Starting at: $45.41

Eckla Roof Racks Adapter

Adapter for wide roofs • Sold in pairs


Rockside T-rack eco for kayak

Sold in pairs - Max. load 75 kg - Material in aluminium - Delivered with 2 straps




Eckla V Cradles

V cradles for fixing a kayak on roof racks.


Mounting kit Railblaza

Up to 30 kg per strap



Eckla Ovalsupport Kayak Cradles

Eckla oval support for kayak transport • For all racks with T-slot system.


Best Seller

Eckla Kayak Wall Support

Wall mount for kayak and paddle. Capacity: 30 Kg

Starting at: $52.58

Storage straps for kayak and board Pelican

Nylon support - Max. weight per storage: 45 kg - Max. total weight: 90 kg


Aqua Design J Cradles

J cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing system.



Aqua Design V Cradles

V cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing systems. Rings for 2,5 cm strap. Content 2 black straps.


Rockside T-rack for kayak

2 foldable pieces - Aluminium tube 22 mm - Protective foam pads 8 mm Max. load 75 kg




Eckla Roof Box Wall Mount

Wall mount for roof box storage. 30 Kg capacity.


Eckla Ecklacombi Kayak Cradles

Eckla cradles with paddle holder for kayak transport • fits on all profiles with t-groove


Cradle holder with slot systemEckla

For canoes and kayaks, adjustable with plastic protection to prevent damage to the equipment. Rail mounting system.


Eckla Cradles for Kayaks and Canoes

A pair of cradles, fixing to any roof rails.


Best Seller

Eckla Kayak Canoe Wall Mount

Wall mount to store a kayak or a canoe.


Handirack Inflatable Universal Rooftop Rack

The Malone HandiRack inflatable roof top car rack offers all the benefits of a traditional roof rack with none of the disadvantages.


Best Seller

Rockside T-rack for kayak

Roofracks for kayak - Sold in pairs - Aluminium tube - Flexible foam protection - Maximum load 150 kg - Weight 6 kg




Aqua Design T Cradles

T Cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing systems.


Malone Channel Loader

Channel Loader - MPG367 - V-shaped roller works with most kayaks - Corrosion resistant construction - Suitable for most vehicles


Transport Pelicankit for canoe kayak

Non-slip EVA foam block - 2 crossbars - 4 straps of 4 m + 1 of 3 m + 1 of 66 cm-


Advanced Elements Kayak Cover

Kayak cover, 3 or 4.5 metre long.

Starting at: $142.22

Eckla Kayak Load Assist

Designed to to load a kayak on a car roof with no strain • Sold individually



Cradle Holder J-Pro 2Malone

J-Pro 2 - MPG117MD - Silver-coated corrosion protection finish - Moulded base plates and stainless steel rivets - Full-length acrylic-covered foam back cushions


Eckla Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount designed for various purposes: kayaks, canoës, surf boards and roof racks



Support for 2 Malone Stax Pro 2 kayaks

This system allows you to transport two kayaks on your roof without any problem.



Malone Seawing Kayak Carier

Allows you to carry your kayak - Delivered with universal adapter - Kayak max width 81 cm - Max load 30 kg


Kayak display Pelican Hydryve horizontal

Horizontal display for kayaks


DownLoaderMalone Cradle Holder

DownLoader - MPG114MD - Foldable frame for reduced access - Boarding ramp for easy loading - Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction


Saddle Up ProMalone kayak support

Saddle Up Pro - MPG110MD - Self-adjusting high grip brackets - Two "easy load" rear seat mats - Corrosion resistant construction


Kayak storage rack Malone FS 3P

Convenient storage for three kayaks - Made from heavy-duty 1.25" square tubes - Corrosion-resistant coating


Kayak storage rack FS 6PMalone

Convenient storage for six kayaks - Made from heavy-duty 1.25" square tubes - Corrosion-resistant coating


Telos XLMalone Loading Assistance Module

Telox XL - MPG351XL - Self-locking vertical latches for safety - Adjustable lower extensions with swivel feet - Fully padded steel cradles help protect the kayak


Rack Pelican 3 kayak

Length 177,8 cm - Width 83,82 cm - Height 203,2 cm


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