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Transport and Storage

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Eckla Roof Rack Support for Paddle

Plastic support for paddle.


Foam Pad for Roof Rack

PU foam • Nylon cover • Length: 50, 75 or 100 cm • Designed for 30 x 20 mm roof racks • Sold individually

Starting at: $9.49

Regular Price: $12.94


Limited quantity!

Eckla Roof Racks Adapter

Also fits roof racks with T-slot system.


Playboater Transport Rope 3m x 25mm

Dimensions 3m x 25mm • Max capacity 200 kg. Sold individually


Playboater Transport Rope 5m x 25mm

Dimensions 5m x 25mm • Max capacity 200 kg Sold individually


Eckla Kayak Trolley Wheel Pump

Air Pump for pneumatic wheels.


Door Paddle Eckla for vertical support

Door Paddle - Sold in pairs - For vertical support



Playboater Transport Rope 5m x 35mm

Dimensions 5m x 35mm • Max capacity 300 kg. Sold individually


Mounting kit T-SlotMalone

T-Slot for crossbars - MPG6604 - T-slot fixing kit fits all Malone Aero bars - Includes hexagonal key - Fits Malone models MPG114, MPG116, MPG117, MPG118


Set of 2 straps 5m with rubber protection

Length 500 cm - Rubber buckle protection - Sold in pairs



RTM Transport Ropes

Pair of gray and black ropes. Designed for fixing gear on a car roof.


Mounting kit Malone T-Slot

T-Slot for crossbars - MPG915 - T-slot fixing kit fits all Malone Aero bars - Includes hexagonal key - Fits Malone Carriers SaddleUp Pro Kayak Carrier, BigFoot Pro Canoe Carrier, and Stax Pro2 Kayak Carrier


3m key strap - High resistance strap

Length 300 cm - Key protection - Sold individually



Howzit Tie-Down Strap - 468 cm

Length 468 cm • Width 32 mm • Neoprene buckle protection • Sold in pairs • Available in 3 colours

Starting at: $26.96

Playboater Rackguard

This security device is designed to prevent the theft of kayaks and sit on top kayaks from the roofrack of a car.


Red Paddle Board Lock

Prevent opportunist thieves from walking away with your prize possession


Key strap 5m - High strength strap

Length 500 cm - Key protection - Sold individually



Malone Kayak Security Cable Locks

Length 25 cm • Anti-drill, anti-saw and anti-pick • Multi-coaxial



Eckla Kayak and Surfboard Roof Racks

Roof racks for kayaks and surfboards. 20 or 40 cm.

Starting at: $35.27

Eckla Multi-Paddle Support

Roof racks support to fix several paddles.


Eckla Oval Cradles

Cradles for fixing a kayak on roof racks.

Starting at: $40.98

Eckla Roof Racks Adapter

Adapter for wide roofs • Sold in pairs


Eckla V Cradles

V cradles for fixing a kayak on roof racks.


Eckla Ovalsupport Kayak Cradles

Eckla oval support for kayak transport • For all racks with T-slot system.


Best Seller

Eckla Kayak Wall Support

Wall mount for kayak and paddle. Capacity: 30 Kg

Starting at: $47.45

Aqua Design J Cradles

J cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing system.



Storage straps for kayak and board Pelican

Nylon support - Max. weight per storage: 45 kg - Max. total weight: 90 kg



Aqua Design V Cradles

V cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing systems. Rings for 2,5 cm strap. Content 2 black straps.


Eckla Roof Box Wall Mount

Wall mount for roof box storage. 30 Kg capacity.


Eckla Ecklacombi Kayak Cradles

Eckla cradles with paddle holder for kayak transport • fits on all profiles with t-groove


Cradle holder with slot systemEckla

For canoes and kayaks, adjustable with plastic protection to prevent damage to the equipment. Rail mounting system.


Eckla Cradles for Kayaks and Canoes

A pair of cradles, fixing to any roof rails.


Best Seller

Eckla Kayak Canoe Wall Mount

Wall mount to store a kayak or a canoe.


Handirack Inflatable Universal Rooftop Rack

The Malone HandiRack inflatable roof top car rack offers all the benefits of a traditional roof rack with none of the disadvantages.



Best Seller

Malone Channel Loader

Channel Loader - MPG367 - V-shaped roller works with most kayaks - Corrosion resistant construction - Suitable for most vehicles


Free shipping

Aqua Design T Cradles

T Cradles: 2 cradles with foam protection and fixing systems.


Free shipping

Pivoting HD vertical support T-slot systemEckla

Aluminium / stainless steel - Length 40 cm - Sold in pairs - For roof bars with T-groove system


Free shipping

Pivoting HD vertical support square tube system Eckla

Aluminium / stainless steel - Length 40 cm - Sold in pairs - For roof bars with square tube system 30x20mm


Free shipping

Ensemble de tranport Pelican pour canoe kayak

Bloc de mousse EVA antidérapante • 2 barres transversales • 4 sangles de 4 m + 1 de 3 m + 1 de 66 cm•


Free shipping

Malone Big Foot Canoe Carrier

The Malone Big Foot Pro universal fit canoe carrier is our latest design in affordable canoe transport. It easily installs on virtually any vehicle or trailer cross rail system.


Free shipping

Advanced Elements Kayak Cover

Kayak cover, 3 or 4.5 metre long.

Starting at: $117.56

Free shipping

Malone Seawing Stinger Loading

This product must be used with the Malone Seawing system.


Free shipping

Eckla Kayak Storage Support

Storage support for kayak.

Starting at: $120.79

Free shipping

J-ProMalone Cradle Holder

J-Pro - MPG116MD - Black corrosion-resistant finish - Synthetic base plates provide additional protection - Adjustable foam rear pads to protect the boat's finish


Free shipping

Eckla Kayak Load Assist

Designed to to load a kayak on a car roof with no strain • Sold individually


Free shipping

Cradle Holder J-Pro 2Malone

J-Pro 2 - MPG117MD - Silver-coated corrosion protection finish - Moulded base plates and stainless steel rivets - Full-length acrylic-covered foam back cushions


Free shipping

Eckla Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mount designed for various purposes: kayaks, canoës, surf boards and roof racks


Free shipping

Malone MPG118MD J-Loader Kayak Carrier

The J-Loader is the best choice for transporting a kayak wider than 30" on its side.


Free shipping

Malone Stax Pro 2 Kayak Support

Carry two kayaks on your car roof with the Malone STAX Transport 2


Free shipping

Malone Seawing Kayak Carier

Allows you to carry your kayak - Delivered with universal adapter - Kayak max width 81 cm - Max load 30 kg


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