Seats for Fish Kayak

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RTM Comfort+ Backrest

Thermo-confort backrest poviding a better confort. Webbing strap on the kayak. Made of hardwearing rubber.




RTM Luxury Kayak Seat

For all self-bailing kayaks (except Piccolo), strap with lateral adjustments and brass carabiners.


RTM Rigid Black PE Backrest Kit

Backrest kit for Ocean Quatro, Ocean Duo and Mambo.


RTM HI-Comfort Backrest

Thermoconfort backrest + base cushion for more confort. Webbing straps on the kayak. Made out of hard rubber.



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Skiffo Luxe Kayak Seat

EVA backrest • Backrest height: 47 cm • Provides great support



RTM Premium Angler Seat

RTM Premium Angler Seat for Abaco 360.


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Skwoosh Big Catch Angling Seat

The Big Catch SKWOOSH is perfect for sit-on-top kayaks but fits all kinds of kayaks


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7 Item(s)

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