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Nootica Kayak Paddle Leash

Keep a grip on your paddle with this leash. Diameter 4mm x 86 cm (34 inch)


4Water Grapnel Anchor - 0.7 kg

4Water umbrella-type Grapnel Anchor • Galvanised steel • Weight: 0.7 kg


Plastimo Grapnel Anchor - Straight flukes - 0.7 kg

Plastimo Grapnel Anchorin galvanised steel - 0.7 kg


Plastimo Grapnel Anchor - Straight flukes - 1.4 kg

Plastimo Grapnel Anchor - Straight flukes - 1.4 kg




Plastimo Grapnel Anchor - Spoon flukes - 1.5 kg

Plastimo Grapnel Anchor - Spoon flukes - 1.5 kg


Rockside Kayak Paddle Leash

Rockside Kayak Paddle Leash


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Plastimo Small Sea Anchor

Highly resistant models. Easily folded for storage.




4Water Anchor Bag - With Mooring Line

4Water Anchor Bag - With Mooring Line

Starting at: $14.65

Regular Price: $14.90

Sakura Bakkan Soft Box 4,3 L

Designed to complement the Bakkan Sakura, these EVA "Soft boxes" are ideal for storing and organizing.


RTM Kayak Paddle Leash

Elasticated or nylon leash to attach your paddle to the boat so that you don't lose it away if it slips off your hands.


Fixing / fastening 50 black

The U-fixation is designed to fix oars, paddles, rods - Available in black and white - 50 mm


Cape Horn Floating Anchor

Floating anchor available in 3 sizes • High resistant PVC



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RTM Fishing Rod Leash

Leash for fishing rod.


PVC Open Cane Holder Seanox 4 Tubes

Open cane holder PVC 4 tubes


Receiver Railblaza QuikPort and 3M VHB included

Railblaza Quikport PVC mounting tray - Supplied with 3M double face - available in Black or White

Starting at: $25.65


RTM Screw-in Kayak Hatch + Bag

Screw-in hatch with removable bag. Diameter: 20 cm




RTM Small Kayak Hatch

Small round hatch cover in rubber. Diameter 20 cm. Suitable for kayak Rotomod: Ysak AR




RTM Large Round Kayak Hatch

Large round rubber hatch. Adapted for the Rotomod kayaks: Ysak AV, Oceanic AV, Baïa Sport AR and Disco+


Receiver Railblaza StarPort E-series - 12V

The StarPort 12V E-Series combines a 12 volt DC 3 amp socket in our base allowing the connection of LED spotlights, cabin fans, depth finders and many other devices.



4Water Floating Anchor

4Water Floating Anchor • Also available in Ø 0.60 m and Ø 1m

Starting at: $39.08

Receiver Railblaza StarPort E-series - USB

The StarPort 12V E-Series combines a USB socket for connecting devices.



RTM Kayak Thigh Brace

This ergonomic strap provides a snug fit thus providing an ultimate comfort while paddling.


Large Tackle Box RTM

Large, rectangular, black Tackle Box for K-Largo

Special Price: $43.96

Regular Price: $48.85


Advancer Elements Folding Anchor Kit

Small folding anchor for kayak and sit-on-top + 15m long and 4mm thick cord + reel.


Retractable Pelicankayak anchor | 3 Lb

Folding anchor with 4 legs - Rope of 20 feet ( 6 meters) - Weight 1.36 kg


HPA Sea Anchor

Sea anchors are essential for kayak anglers.



RTM Adjustable Kayak Footrest for Rudder- Nylon

RTM footrests




RTM Kayak Inspection Hatch - Oval

Oval rubber inspection hatch. Suitable for the following kayaks: Ysak AR, AR Oceanic, Solo.


Rockside Kayak side floats

Side floats for kayak - Material: PVC + aluminium - Float size: 89 x 27.5 cm




Box RTM Abaco

Box for angler sit-on-top kayak Rotomod Abaco.


Daïwa Belt Bag High Capacity Belt

These two small and medium size banana bags are very practical for mobile fishing.


RTM K2 Kayak Rudder - Long Stem

RTM K2 Kayak Rudder - Long Stem (12 cm)


Kayak Rudder Kit RTM Fishing for Abaco and Rytmo

Rudder kit for RTM fishing kayaks Abaco and Rytmo


AirFusion Kayak Skeg

AirFusion Kayak Skeg


Daïwa Lure Waterproof Bag M Grey

Lures bags with a semi-rigid structure to ensure that the transported material is well protected against impacts and rain.


Rear Case RTM Abaco

Rear case for angler sit-on-top kayak Rotomod Abaco.

Special Price: $142.88

Regular Price: $158.76


Kit JMC School 10' K10

The JMC School kit is a complete kit for discovering fly fishing.


Advanced Elements RapidUp Kayak Sail

The RapidUp Sail is a compact, portable, and easy to set up down-wind sail that rapidly deploys and quickly stows flat


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RTM K-Largo & Abaco Stabiliser Kit

Kit consisting of 2 side stabilisers for K-largo and Abaco kayaks.


K-Largo & Abaco stabilizer kit RTM

Kit consisting of 2 lateral stabilizer for K-largo and Abaco.



Fits on selected Pelican and Elie kayaks • Retractable rudder with bungee • Includes all parts required for its installation


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