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TeddyHiko kayak socks

Very top-of-the-range underwear - Does not keep water out - Remains very warm even when wet.

Starting at: $20.17

Neoprene kayak socks Hiko NEO 3.0

3 mm neoprene socks - supratex neoprene - Sole reinforcement

Starting at: $20.99

Aqua Design Forte Kayak Socks - 3.5 mm neoprene

3,5mm double-lined neoprene, glued and stitched, 3 panels, flat seams. Code couleur par tailles. Colours: Black


H.Dessault neoprene socks 3 mm

Super Stretch neoprene - Jersey interior - Fitted and comfortable fit - Non-slip outsole

Starting at: $23.34

Regular Price: $28.03


H.Dessault neoprene socks 4 mm

Super Stretch neoprene - Jersey interior - Fitted and comfortable fit - Non-slip outsole

Starting at: $24.51

Regular Price: $29.21


Aqua Design Rapid Shoes - 3 mm

3 mm neoprene • Rubber sole • Size 33 to 48 • Designed for kayaking, sup or sailing

Starting at: $26.98

Regular Price: $28.15

Aqua Design Synaps Kayak Shorts

Unisex Spandex shorts, flat seams, extra stretch, lightweight and comfy. Nylon 80% / Elastane 20%. Perfect in mid-season.

Starting at: $26.98

Aqua Design Redstuff Kayak Gloves - 1.5 mm

Doubled lined neoprene gloves, 1,5mm thickness, palm of hand in Amara with anti-slip fabric. Polar Fleece inside.

Starting at: $30.50

Aqua Design Blackout Neoprene Gloves 3 mm

Preformed fingers gloves in 3mm double lined neoprene, glue-sewn, with interior hands in PU anti-slips, black

Starting at: $30.50

Aqua Design Summer Neoprene Kayak Gloves 1.5 mm

Double-lined 1,5mm neoprene with PU anti-slips palms.

Starting at: $34.01

Aqua Design Theox Kayak Shoes

Designed for beach fun or water sports.

Starting at: $35.19

Aqua Design Rojo Long Sleeve Men's Top

Long-sleeved Lycra top 80% Nylon and 20%. Elastane. Offers UV rays protection (50%), can be worn as an undergarment. Flat seams.

Starting at: $36.36

Hiko Slim Kayak Gloves 2.5 mm

Thin and flexible neoprene gloves with grip.

Starting at: $38.71

Aqua Design Nubb Kayak Socks

Socks for white-water kayaking, canoeing and sailing.

Starting at: $38.71

SneakerHiko neoprene kayak shoe

Neoprene sock for kayaking

Starting at: $40.35

Aqua Design Touring Kayak Spray Top - Blue

Spray top made of 100% nylon with breathable coating PU, short sleeves, adjustable neoprene collar and Velcro wrists.

Starting at: $43.40

Best Seller

Aqua Design Faston Short Sleeve Men's Top

Long-sleeved Lycra top with 83% Nylon and 17% Elasthane. Fleece inside for more comfort in cold weather.

Starting at: $45.74

Aqua Design Phraze Lycra Top

Lycra top. Nylon 83% and Elastane 17%.

Starting at: $48.09

Aqua Design Stretch Tempa Shorts

These neoprene shorts are a must-have for mid-season sailing.

Starting at: $52.78

Lycra long sleeves man AmarilloAqua design

Lycra® top with long sleeves in 80% Nylon and 20% Elastane. Used as UV protection (50%) or worn under a second skin garment. Flat seams.

Starting at: $58.65

Artistic Iguana Long Sleeve Kayak Top - Lycra - Men

Men's Lycra top • Fleece inside • Nylon lower back and sides • 5 sizes

Starting at: $61.58

Regular Price: $72.60


Teddy manHiko pullover

Very fast drying - Pleasant touch - Allows perspiration to evaporate - Use as a first coat under dry clothing

Starting at: $63.92

Aqua Design Racing Spray Top - Blue

Long sleeve 100 % PU coated nylon windbreaker jacket with adjustable collar, cuffs and belt holder Velcro, watertight seams.

Starting at: $65.68

Aqua Design Frozz Kayak Trousers - 2.5 mm neoprene

Stretch neoprene trousers 2.5 mm. Padded on knees and buttocks. Flat seams. Thermal protection.

Starting at: $69.20

Teddy thermal pantsHiko

Thermal underwear - Warm and breathable - Quick drying - Flat seams - Breathable fabric

Starting at: $75.65

Hiko Switch Ripstop Kayak Spray Top

Waterproof and hard-wearing • 100% polyester + polyurethane layer • MVTR: 10 000 g/m²/24h • WP : 10 000 mm

Starting at: $80.93

Neoprene top man long sleeves Symbio Hiko

Long sleeves - Reinforced collar - Neoprene 1.5 mm - Lycra 0.5 mm

Starting at: $84.45

Aqua Design Standard Long John - 3 mm neoprene

Double lined 3mm neoprene Long John, flat-lock stitched seams, Supratex reinforcement on knees and buttocks.

Starting at: $90.31

Regular Price: $93.83

Hiko VALKYRIE drysuit

Breathable fabric - Neoprene collar - Wide, reinforced socks

Starting at: $607.56

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