Pump Accessories

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High pressure bayonet nozzle

High pressure bayonet nozzle


Connector for high-pressure pump

2 cm connection diameter • Delivered with two sealing rings


Bravo Screw-in pressure gauge

Screw-in model for BRAVO 4 - 14.5 Psi (1bar) inflator


Adapter for inflatable stand up paddle compressor

Compressor adapter for Stand up paddle valves


Bravo 230V Battery Charger

Bravo Battery charger 230V, ideal for charging Bravo electric batteries and inflators : BST 12 Kite, Bravo 12 Kite, BST 12 battery and BST 12 HP battery.


Bravo Tube Roll for Turbomax Kit - 25 m

25 m tube roll for TURBO MAX KIT hose int. Ø 25 - out Ø 30 mm


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