Security for Sit on Top kayaks

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Signal whistle Cape Horn for boat, kayak, hiking

Orange safety whistle for the Boat, Kayak ride


Orange boat bailer 1 litre Cape Horn

Hand bailer 1 litre RED 1 L - Safe - Drying


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Signalling mirror Cape Horn

Signalling mirror Cape Horn


Buoyancy reserve for kayak

Buoyancy reserves for kayaks

Starting at: $13.92

Topomarine 5 LED Safety Torch

5 LED 2xD safety torch


Dag Kayak Buoyancy Air Bags

Capacity of 8,16, 35 or 40 liters. PU / Nylon.

Starting at: $19.54

Aqua Design Kayak Buoyancy Air Bags

Buoyancy air bags, 17,35 liters, polyurethane.

Starting at: $19.54

Paddle float en mousse Hiko

Paddle float en mousse pour pagaie de kayak permettant de remonter sur le bateau plus facilement.


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Safety rope Hiko

Size 10m, 15m, 20m and 25m - Floating polypropylene rope diam. 8mm - Dupratex bag - Mango color

Starting at: $39.69

HF Weasel Throwline 18 m 7.5 mm

Throwlines • Red or black

Starting at: $42.73

Aqua Design Bilge Pump

Bilge pump is manually operated by hand and will pump water quickly and efficiently from your kayak.


HF Compact Classic Throwline 20 m 8.5 mm

20m x 8.5mm high grade polypropylene


Paddle float Hiko

Paddle float gonflable pour pagaie de kayak permettant de remonter sur le bateau plus facilement.


TowingArtistic towing belt

Drop belt designed for professional PFDs designed to accept a towing system on the back of the kayak paddler.


Paddle float SwimAqua design

Inflatable paddle float for kayak paddle allowing you to get back on the boat more easily.


Silva 58 Kayak Compass

The Silva 58 Compass is equipped with built-in declination / deviation compensator to compensate against surrounding magnetic fields that influence the compass, which handles even large errors (plus/minus 40°)


Plastimo Offshore 55 Compass for Kayak

Ideal partner for kayak touring.


Railblaza Kayak Visibility Kit

This kit includes 1 telepole + 1 visibility flag + 1 Led light StarPort included.


HF Throw Tow

The Throw Tow is the multi functional rescue tool for seakayakers designed by the seakayaking safety specialist Jeff Allen


19 Item(s)

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