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Pads for articulated baseShurhold

3 different pads for a more or less strong scratching, designed for the Shurhold articulated base.

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Regular Price: $7.95


Limited quantity!

Manual hard brushShurhold

Chemical resistant, polypropylene bristles. Extra long by 51 cm, its handle makes it faster and easier to clean hard-to-reach areas such as bait wells, wheels and water pipes. It is ideal for removing stubborn stains...

Starting at: $15.79

Hand brushShurhold

Ergonomic handle and anti-shock perimeter for maximum efficiency.


Telescopic handle for 4-sided brushLalizas

Anodized aluminium telescopic handle. Length 127-220 cm connect it to a pipe and to the 4-sided Lalizas brush.


Articulated sheepskin baseShurhold

Sheepskin for Shurhold articulated base, available in pack.

Starting at: $20.58

Regular Price: $26.20


Limited quantity!

Telescopic aluminium handleShurhold

Heavy-duty aluminum telescopic handle designed to accommodate various Shurhold accessories.

Starting at: $27.48

Lalizas boat wash brush 4 sides

Boat Brush ''Flow Thru'', 4 sides.


Interior brushesShurhold

Sweeping is one of those tasks we hate, but it must be done to keep our boat interiors, homes and recreational vehicles clean.


Lalizas boat cleaning set

This cleaning set consists of one wash brush, one scrub brush, one hook and one telescopic handle.




Washing brush kit

Large diameter aluminium telescopic handle with water passage (length 115 to 180 cm) and foam handles. Large medium brush - Aluminum threaded tip for added strength. With tap and quick coupling for water hose.


Brush and handleLalizas brush pack

Broom with a telescopic aluminium handle and a 4-sided medium bristle brush.

As low as: $36.50

Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price $45.61


Articulated baseShurhold

The articulated base is fixed on the Shurhold sleeves and allows to receive 3 different pads for a more or less strong scratching and a sheepskin.


Soft brushShurhold broom

Soft 15 cm brush with 122 cm oak wood handle.


Soft-n-thirsty broomstickShurhold

The Soft-n-Thirsty Broom is a fast drying broom. The wooden handle is 122cm long.


Medium brushShurhold

Effective against difficult stains even on surfaces with non-slip surfaces. Anti-shock perimeter. Supports the most common products.


Soft brushShurhold

Routine maintenance of gel coats and painted surfaces - Anti-shock edge - Round model Ø 13 cm ideal for hard-to-reach places.

Starting at: $64.34

Hard brushShurhold

Particularly suitable for heavy incrusted stains, teak and cleaning below the waterline. Anti-shock perimeter. Withstands even very aggressive products.


LuxuryEuromarine broom

Telescopic broom with shampoo dispenser tank.


Extra soft brushShurhold

The softest brush in the range. Perfectly adapted to the most delicate surfaces such as plexiglass.


Absorbent mopShurhold

Made of a highly absorbent material ideal for fast drying of surfaces.

Starting at: $80.72

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Mop broomSwobbit

Highly absorbent, with Uni-Snap fastening


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21 Item(s)

Set Descending Direction

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