Sponges and chamois leather

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Eponge Proxitech Jumbo

Synthétique ultra absorbante ergonomique de grand format



Heavy dutyEuromarine sponge

Sponge 140 x 100 x 40 mm. Can be used in all circumstances.




Microfibre spécial Vitres Armorall

L'accessoire ultime pour le nettoyage des vitres



lot de 3 applicateurs polish Armorall manuel

Conçu pour conférer une brillance éclatante et une finition étincelante.



Chamoisine 38X37 cm3M

For wet cleaning. 380 x 370 mm format. Resistant to detergents and bleach, machine washable. High absorbency, cleanses without leaving streaks or lint.


Chamois + microfibreEuromarine kit

3-piece kit: 2 sponges: chamois, microfibre and 1 chamois leather.


Serviette de Lustrage luxe Armorall

Un luxueux chiffon en microfibres ultradoux pour faire ressortir au mieux la brillance



Chamois leather 30x45 cmEuromarine

Genuine chamois leather 0.16 m²: 30 x 45 cm.


Chamois spongeShurhold

PVA sponges absorb more than any other sponge, which makes drying faster and more efficient.


Lot de 6 microfibres de lavage Armorall

Soulève en douceur la saleté et la crasse sans effort



Oil absorber inYachticon sheet form

2 sheets of 41x51 cm to absorb up to 3L


Sorb OilMatt Chem Marine

Absorbent sheets


Peau Chamoisée en microfibre Armorall

Combine la technologie des microfibres avec l’aspect et le toucher de la peau de chamois



Chamois leather Euromarine 37 x 55cm

Genuine chamois leather 0.22 m² : 37 x 55 cm.


Yachticon Cushioned oil absorber

Cushion 22x11 cm to absorb up to 2L


washing gloveShurhold

The glove wash is made of synthetic, soft, absorbent fibres. The shaped thumb and elastic band base make it a comfortable, easy, tight fit, and it can be used wet or dry.

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Articulated sheepskin baseShurhold

Sheepskin for Shurhold articulated base, available in pack.

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Limited quantity!

AbrasiveStar Brite pad kit

Kit composition: 1 handle + 3 abrasive pads (fine + medium + strong).


Polishing discYachtcare

Polishing disc for optimal application and use of REFINISH 1.


PVA ChamoisShurhold

PVA towels absorb 50 percent more water than natural chamois, which makes drying faster and more efficient.


20 Item(s)

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