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Acrylic cleaner Acrylic glass cleaner Osculati

Acrylic, plexiglass, polycarbonate glass - 750 ml



Special wipes for windows Armorall box of 30 wipes

quickly removes dust, dirt and insects, resulting in a bright, streak-free windshield for maximum visibility.


Glass Cleaner Facom 750ml

Very effective on dirty windows, does not leave a white film


Hydrophobic formula Armorall Anti-rain treatment

Special repellent formulation that repels rain, dirt and snow from your windshield.


Cleaner Clin'azur 206 Bio windows 750 ml

206 is an alcohol-free glass and plexi cleaner based on essential oils. Don't leave rings.


Clin'Azur 304 glass deperlant - 750ml

304 is a water-repellent for windows: water drops are evacuated quickly, allowing good visibility despite the rain. Do not use on plexiglass.


Clin'Azur Cleaner 111 750ML

Non-rinse polishing cleaner


Polish Clin'azur 210L for ready-to-use glass 250ml

Cleans calcium stains (salt deposits) - Restores radiance & transparency - Removes micro-scratches


Calcium glass cleaner Clin'Azur 210 - 500gr

Product used to remove calcium stains (salt deposits) that mark boat glazing leaving traces of droplets that detergents cannot remove.




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