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Plexiglass renovator Quixx 50G

The polishing paste removes scratches on acrylic windows efficiently and quickly.


Cleaner Clin'azur 206 Bio windows 750 ml

206 is an alcohol-free glass and plexi cleaner based on essential oils. Don't leave rings.


Rénovateur plastiques Facom 750ml

Finition satinée réduit le vieillissement des matériaux.



PlexiglassYachticon renovator

Removes fine scratches and renews plexiglass, polycarbonate and most plastic surfaces. Biodegradable Capacity 250 ml


PlexiglassYachticon cleaner

Cleans and maintains plexiglass and polycarbonate without scratching. Maintains an impeccable polishing. Leaves a protective film that delays soiling. Antistatic. Biodegradable. Capacity 500 ml


Boat Cleaner International Super Cleaner - 500 ml

Highly concentrated cleaner can for polyester and painted surfaces - Removes wax, dirt, oil and grease - Does not damage plexiglass.


Clin'Azur 302 1L Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

Cleans leather, leather, leather and all plastics surfaces. Does not alter colours in dilute solution


Clin'Azur 216 anti-slip bridge cleaner

Alkaline detergent for deep cleaning of anti-slip bridges, but also on all surfaces such as: plastics, skai, sails, tarpaulins, tyres...

Starting at: $25.74

Clin'Azur Cleaner 111 750ML

Non-rinse polishing cleaner


Teflon Yachticon Hard wax

High quality Teflon wax for all types of gelcoat coatings, plastics, lacquers and metals. Effective protection against dirt, durable and smooth.

Starting at: $25.74

Polishing liquid Riwax RS04 fine 1L

Removes highly oxidized scratches on gelcoat quickly and with good gloss, even for Plexiglas and acrylic glass.


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