Dinghy cleaning accessories

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Rubber SlideOsculati

Regenerates and protects PVC, rubber, hypalon tires - 0.75 L


Yachticon Inflatable boat cleaner

Cleans, renews colours and protects. For all types of rubber, PVC and Hypalon. Leaves a protection against UV rays. Capacity 500 ml



Lalizas repair kit

PVC glue • Pneumatic valve • Adapter • Material PVC - 3 pieces.


Regenerating Rubber lifeOsculati

Regenerates the canvas of neoprene or PVC inflatable boats - 500 ml


Transprene Glue for pour neoprene material

Bi-component rubber and solvant neoprene. To bond coated material (rubber and neoprene) as well as hypalon and SBR.

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Vinycol 1520 for PVC

Polyurethane bi-component adhesive bi-composant designed to bond synthetic material (PU, PVC).

Starting at: $22.40

Clin'Azur Cleaner 219 pneumatic annexes

Composition for the safe and rapid cleaning of pneumatic annexes, especially white ones

Starting at: $23.59

Clin'Azur 208 fender cleaner

208 cannot leave anyone who has had to clean their fenders indifferent. Excellent results without altering the rubber.

Starting at: $24.89

Matt Chem Hyp Protect Glosser for Hypalon and Neoprene

Glosser for Hypalon and Neoprene, Ready to use. Spary 500 ml


3M Protective glossy varnish for dinghies and vinyl canoes

Cleans, regenerates, and protects rubber parts - 250ml


Repair Kit for PVC Inflatable Boats

Repair Kit for PVC Inflatable Boats


Repair kit for neoprene tender boat

Repair kit for neoprene or hypalon tender boat .


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