Grease and Lubricant

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Lubricating and anti-corrosionOsculati spray

Lubricating properties, anti-corrosion, long-term protection of the treated parts - 200 ml


Lubrifiant Huile PTFE Facom 300ml

Spray Facom huile PTFE



Lubrifiant sec Huile Silicone Facom 300ml

Spray Facom silicone sec



Grease 150 gBardahl marine

Resistant to water, salt and moisture - Protects against seizing, corrosion and oxidation - Facilitates assembly and disassembly.


Nettoyant contact Facom 300ml

Spray Facom nettoyant diélectronique en aérosol.



WD40 aerosol 400ml

WD 40: protects the metal from rust and corrosion


Vaseline nautica sprayOsculati

Natural and effective protection against the effects of salt - 400 ml


Dégrippant 7 fonctions Facom 200ml

Spray Facom il nettoie, protège, dégrippe, lubrifie, est antirouille, anti-humidité et filmogène .Son action est rapide et efficace sur le métal.



Bardahl Marine grease cartridge 400 g

Resistant to water, salt and moisture - Protects against seizure, corrosion and oxidation - Facilitates assembly and disassembly.


LubricatingOsculati spray PTFE

Non-conductive, colourless - all visible accessories to be lubricated - 400 ml



Osculati White grease spray

Protective white grease, water-repellent - 400 ml - mechanical parts


Lubrifiant Graisse au Cuivre Facom 300ml

Spray Facom Conducteur d’électricité Antigrippant Résiste à la corrosion saline



Dégrippant lubrifiant Pro Facom 400ml

FACOM Dégrippant lubrifiant Pro 400ml



Graisse lithium Facom 200ml

Graisse lithium en Spray Facom



Sierra lithium marine grease 400 g

Lithium marine grease with optimum corrosion protection. Multi-purpose grease


Clin'Azur Teflon Lubricant 511 - 200ml

511 in 200 ml, is a PTFE-based lubricant that greatly reduces friction and does not "grease" surfaces (slides, deck panels).


Clin'Azur winch grease 541 - 200ml

541 in 200 ml, is a lithium soap grease, very resistant to seawater and high pressures. It is preferred for winches and rigging screws.


Bardahl marine Marine Grease and Winch Spray - 400ml

Long-lasting lubrication and water resistance - Does not leak - Specially designed for winches, rigging screws...


Clin'Azur silicone grease 550 - 200ml

550 colourless, water-repellent and resistant to infiltration, it is a good insulator for electrical contacts and does not stain.


19 Item(s)

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