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Marine Primer

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Primer Spray Grey 400mlSuper Marine

Undercoat and preparation on previously painted or polyester surfaces.


Super Marine Anti-rust primer red/brown aerosol 400ml

For steels and cast iron


Zinc phosphate greenSuper Marine primer aerosol 400ml

For light alloys, copper, brass and bronze.


Antifouling primerYachtcare

Single-component primer for interfacing old and new antifouling

Starting at: $23.42

Regular Price: $27.55


YachtcareEpoxy primer

Epoxy primer developed to make an adhesion or anti osmosis treatment.

Starting at: $27.55

Regular Price: $34.74


Sika 205 Activator Primer 250 ml

For the preparation of substrates before gluing or sealing applications.


Undercoat Mono ComponentHempel Primer

Single-component primer Interior/exterior - Above the waterline - Quick drying - Undercoat for single-component lacquer

Starting at: $29.95

Silic Seal Hempel Primary antifouling connection classic and Antifouling Silic One

Two-component epoxy primer - Classic antifoufilg and Silic One antifouling bond

Starting at: $35.82

Regular Price: $41.93


Primary Primary PrimaryInternational

Conventional one-component, fast-drying primer - Fast drying, anti-corrosive properties - Can be used under most antifoulings, or as an insulation layer on an unknown antifouling.

Starting at: $35.94

Primary Primary - Color: Grey - Volume: 0.75 LInternational

Can be used in areas immersed under an antifouling, or to isolate an unknown antifouling.


UnderwaterPlastimo Primer Silver Grey 0.75L

Single-component primer - Below the waterline - polyester shell, steel, wood


Underwater Single Component Primary Hempel

Single-component primer - Below the waterline - Old and new Antifouling interface - All supports

Starting at: $38.34

Light Primer Two-component EpoxyHempel Primer

Two-component epoxy primer - Above/below the waterline - All rigid supports - High performance

Starting at: $47.80

InterprotectInternational Epoxy Primer

Two-component epoxy primer with fast drying - Easy to use - Offers excellent anti-corrosive protection.

Starting at: $47.92

Primary International Yacht Primer

Conventional fast-drying primer for wood, steel, aluminium and light alloys above the waterline. The aluminium flakes contained in it form an excellent anti-corrosive barrier.

Starting at: $47.92

High Protect Epoxy two-component Hempel primer - Preventive/curative osmosis

Two-component epoxy primer - Above/below the waterline - Solvent-free - High moisture protection

Starting at: $47.92

EpoxyPlastimo primer 1 L

To be used below and above the waterline. High performance protection on all rigid substrates and against mechanical aggression. Prevention of osmosis.


Primary Sikaflex 209D 250ml vial 250ml

Primer for transparent plastics.


Epoxy primer International VC TAR 2

Epoxy primer for the treatment of steels, light alloys and protection against losmosis on gelcoat. Ideal primer for the antifouling of the VC range.

Starting at: $63.49

UnderwaterPlastimo Primer Silver Grey 2.5L

Single-component primer - Below the waterline - polyester shell, steel, wood



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