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Roll Yachtcare 100 mm

Rabbit paste roll with yellow stripes for antifouling application. Width 100mm


Clip roller Euromarine yellow wool 180mm

Clip sleeve 180 wool striped Yellow. Anti-drip.

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Antifouling roller Vdm 100 mm

Polyester roller for antifouling and resin. Width 100 mm, frame length 40 cm.


Clip mount Reya 110mm

Clip mount 110mm


Kit VDM bac et pinceaux



Nozzle roller n°2Yachtcare

Metal boiling roller n° 2 - Ø 15 width 80 mm


Nozzle roller n°0Yachtcare

Metal boiling roller n° 0 - Ø 40 width 65 mm


Nozzle roller n°1Yachtcare

Metal boiling roller n° 1 - Ø 40 width 120 mm


FlexibleYachtcare bubbling roller

Flexible metal boiling roller PM - Ø 26 width 90 mm


10 Item(s)

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