Restore the shine to your boat with the polishing and polishing products for hull and stainless steel. We stock dozens of products with excellent value for money

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Polish Clin'azur 220 chrome & stainless steel

Very fine polishing paste. Protects and shines copper, chrome and stainless steel. Removes superficial scratches.

Starting at: $9.10

lot de 3 applicateurs polish Armorall manuel

Conçu pour conférer une brillance éclatante et une finition étincelante.



CleaningOsculati spray for stainless steel

Stainless steel spay cleaner - 400 ml


Serviette de Lustrage luxe Armorall

Un luxueux chiffon en microfibres ultradoux pour faire ressortir au mieux la brillance



Stainless steel cleanerOsculati

Stainless steel cleaner - 500 ml


Wax polish Riwax RS 0.5L

Polishing wax, to erase small scratches.


Degrip'oil spray3M

Action on metal parts - 400 ml


Clin'azur 204 gelcoat renovator

Thick polishing paste for the renovation of plastic surfaces such as polyester, gelcoat or epoxy.

Starting at: $15.65

Polish Osculati with Wax - 500g

Polish Osculati with Wax 500g


Polish International Marine Polish Polish 500 ml

International MARINE POLISH polish gives shiny and smooth surfaces. For Gelcoat and painted surfaces.



High Gloss Finish 200G High GlossYachtcare Polishing Paste

Yachtcare polishing paste is made from noble waxes, without silicone. It removes matt and weathered parts on plastic surfaces.


Abrasive paste Osculati Medium Grit 1500

Osculati Medium Grain Abrasive Paste 1500 - 500Gr


Light GrainOsculati abrasive paste 2500 - 500g

Osculati Light Grain 2500 - 500g abrasive paste


Polish Marine WaxInternational

Marine Wax provides long-lasting protection, without abrasive materials or silicone. Easy to use and suitable for large surfaces.



Boat polishYachtcare

For polyester or slightly oxidized polyurethane surfaces.


Wax Shampoo RS 1LRiwax shell cleaner

To clean and polish at the same time. Removes traces of grease and oil from gelcoat, paint and varnish.


Refinish Premium GlossYachtcare Polishing Paste

Recommended in addition to the REFINISH 1 sanding and polishing paste, high-quality PTFE-based finishing wax, which guarantees particularly durable protection on the treated surface.


Polish stainless steel Chrome and Stainless 237mlStar Brite

Cleans and shines chrome and stainless steel while protecting against corrosion, discoloration, stains, rust pitting.


Cire International UV Wax


Matt Chem Nettinox Rusting Gel - 300g

Gel product that removes rust peaks on all stainless steel surfaces in a single operation.


Clin Azur 240 anodized aluminum renovator

Specially designed for anodized aluminum. Renovates and restores shine.

Starting at: $24.14

Klinalu Matt Chem Marine 1L



Nautic Clean Express Wax - 10

Nautic Clean Express Wax - 10



Clin'Azur Cleaner 111 750ML

Non-rinse polishing cleaner


Stainless steel and metal 3M renovator

All-in-one renovator polish for restoring and polishing metals: steel, copper, brass, bronze, aluminium, chrome...

Starting at: $26.69

Polishing paste Riwax RS 1KG

Polishing paste for any coating. Applicable by machine and hand.


Attwood Vinyl & Polish Cleaner

attwood vinyl & Polish cleaner 475 ml


Heavy Grain 1000Osculati abrasive paste

Thick polishing abrasive paste, suitable for use after sanding grain P1000. Combines excellent abrasive properties with a high level of brightness. Suitable for oxidized and yellowed gelcoats.


Polish Osculati with Wax - 1kg

Polish Osculati with Wax - 1kg


Polish Clin Azur 218 PTEF Premium 500ml

Protects new or old paints. Revives the initial shine and gives a perfect shine to the shells.


Polish Nautic Clean Pro Cut - 13

Polish Nautic Clean Pro Cut - 13

Starting at: $30.33

Polish Nautic Clean Pro Ultra Fine - 11

Polish Nautic Clean Pro Ultra Fine

Starting at: $30.33

Polish Nautic Clean Pro Medium - 12

Polish Nauti Clean Pro Medium - 12

Starting at: $30.33

Polish Star Brite Marine Polish Polish 500 ml

Marine Polish Star Brite 650ml For new and old boats.


Abrasive paste Osculati Medium Grit 1500

Osculati Medium Grain Abrasive Paste 1500 - 1Kg


Light GrainOsculati Abrasive Paste 2500 - 1kg

Osculati Light Grain 2500 Abrasive Paste - 1kg


Stainless Steel cleaner and polish - Aerosol 600ml3M

Professional special. For metallic, enamelled and laminated surfaces. Cleans, revives and shines.


Polish PemiumAttwood

Polish Attwood Pemium 475 ml


Polish Star Brite premium polish at PTEF

Super protection for glass fibre, metals and painted surfaces. Leaves a super smooth and non-sticky layer that reduces friction and repels dirt, grime, oil and stains.

Starting at: $36.27


Multi-purpose Polish. For new and older boats Clean, Renovate and Protect in one operation. No need to rub hard! Lasts 4 times longer than any other polish Excellent for removing tar stains. Capacity 500 ml.




Finishing wax RS08 1LRiwax

Perfect finishing wax with a long-lasting effect. Very suitable for new paints.


Polishing liquid Riwax RS02 medium 1L

Removes quickly, with a good gloss, strongly oxidized on gelcoat.


Polishing liquid Riwax RS04 fine 1L

Removes highly oxidized scratches on gelcoat quickly and with good gloss, even for Plexiglas and acrylic glass.


Polishing liquid Riwax RS06 very fine 1L

Removes minor scratches. For fast processing of shells, even Plexiglas and acrylic glass.


Boat WaxYachtcare Finishing Wax

High quality hard wax, easy to apply and polish. This wax offers a mirror finish of exceptional durability and hardness. The UV filter prevents yellowing.


BlueYachticon Polish

Polish for shells or decorative blue stripes washed out by bad weather. No silicone, ammonia or wax. Restores a new shiny shine.


HeavyOsculati abrasive paste 600 grain

suitable for use after sanding grain P600 - High abrasive capacity without creating scratches, stains and splashes - Reduces sanding cycles



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