Teck & Wood Maintenance

Protect your boat's teak with a wide range of cleaning products at the best value for money. Advice on how to use the products is included with every product so that you can use the cleaner with maximum care to avoid damaging the teak.

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Coating for two-component wood Osculati

Wood pulp coating - 150ml

Starting at: $7.03


Teak deck stain remover spray - 200 ml



New Sunteak regenerator Osculati

Teak deck regenerator - 1L


LiquidOsculati teak cleaner - 1L

Teak Deep Cleaner - 1L


Teak Two color regeneratorOsculati

Must be used with Teak One - 1L


Nettoyant Teck Clin Azur 200 - Phase 1 - 1L

Nettoie en profondeur le teck et les bois exotiques - Enlève les tâches et dégraisse.


Teck Clin'azur 201 Teak Renovator

201 concentrated teak renovator, to be diluted with 3 or 4 parts water. Does not damage the deck joints and restores the teak to its original shine.

Starting at: $17.58

Riwax Surface Clean Cleaner RS 0.5L

Removes scale marks and removes teak and wood surfaces.


Teak teak teak renovator International restore

500 ml canister of cleaner for Teak and other greasy woods - Effectively restores the natural colours of Teak - Does not bleach or damage nearby surfaces.


Oxalic acid in crystals Clin'Azur 202

202 oxalic acid, has long been used for teak cleaning. The pure oxalic acid used gives excellent results. Toxic product to be handled with care.

Starting at: $19.40

Hydro color TeakOsculati

Wax-based protection, quick drying (1 hour) - 1L


Matt Chem Sun Teak Cleaner

Alkaline cleaner specially developed for cleaning teak and exotic woods. allows grease and oil stains to be removed without rubbing and in 15 minutes.

Starting at: $23.02

Oxalic acid Matt Chem Marine 1 kg

Oxalic Acid Matt Chem Marine 1Kg


Teak teak oil - Volume: 0.5 LInternational

Teak Oil is a nourishing teak oil. Protects and facilitates the cleaning of treated surfaces


Teak Cleaner 473mlStar Brite

Teak Cleaner Star Brite 473ml. Cleans teak and other precious woods.


Teak Cleaner StarBrite

Teak Cleaner StarBrite

Starting at: $26.66

Nautic Clean Teak Step 2 - 18

Nautic Clean Teak Step 2 - 18

Starting at: $26.67

Nautic Clean Teak Step Cleaner 1 - 17

Nautic Clean Teak Step Cleaner 1 - 17

Starting at: $26.67

Teak Tree TeOsculati ak Oil

Protects and nourishes teak surfaces - UV protection - 1L


Teak BrightenerStar Brite

Teak Brightener Star Brite

Starting at: $27.88

Premium Golden TeakAttwood Oil

Attwood Premium Gold Teak Oil 650 ml



Cleaner for deck and teak parts: First step in the restoration of grey teak. This product thoroughly cleans the surface, removes dirt, removes grease, sun oil and mildew stains; eliminates blackening of the wood due to bad weather. No need to....



Bright-Teck 1LMatt Chem Marine

Bright-Teck Matt Chem Marine 1L Concentrated resurfacer teak and exotic woods phase 2


Clin'Azur Teak Oil 212 1 litre

212 is a synthetic oil designed to protect teak - fatty wood - and waterproof it. Naturally colours the wood with a pleasant amber blond colour.


Wonder-Oil-Teck 1LMatt Chem Marine

Wonder-Oil-Teck Matt Chem Marine 1L Oil for colourless teak


Teak oil golden golden premium teak teak oilStar Brite

Extra long-lasting teak protection. Keeps the teak warm and natural tone. Easy to use, quick drying. Contains ultraviolet inhibitors to fight against bad weather.

Starting at: $36.37

Golden Oil 1LMatt Chem Marine

Golden Oil Matt Chem Marine 1L . Oil for teak reflex gold.


Teak oil classic teakStar Brite

Replaces classic teak oil - Easy to use, does not drip - Colour: dark

Starting at: $45.95

Stopo Matt Chem Marine 1L


Teak Cleaner Clin Azur 200 - Phase 1 - 5L

Deep cleans teak and exotic wood - Removes stains and degreases.


Clin'Azur Teak Oil 212 5 litres

212 is a synthetic oil designed to protect teak - fatty wood - and to waterproof it - Naturally colours the wood with a pleasant amber blond colour.


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31 Item(s)

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