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Professional paper sealant tape.

Starting at: $1.94



Starting at: $2.27

Spare blade for 18mm cutter - Box of 10 blades

Spare blade cutter 18mm box of 10


Wiper pad 3M tack cloth 9660

Wiping pad used to remove the last dust before spraying paint.


Yachtcare Water-based abrasive sheets available in several grains

Pockets 3 sheets water-based abrasive - Finish before lacquer, varnish, gelcoat - Antifouling sanding

Starting at: $3.64

Yachtcare Dry abrasive sheets Available in several grains

Pockets 3 dry abrasive sheets - Antifouling sanding, painting, epoxy primer, coating, gelcoat

Starting at: $3.64

White paper masking tape3M

Without glue transfer for 24 hours. (One-time application)

Starting at: $3.88

Abrasive sponges3M

Sanding primer for non-filler paint, varnish sanding, embedded fittings.

Starting at: $4.85

Yellow crimped eye Euromarine electrical terminals

For cable diam 3 to 6 mm². Hole diameter 8mm - blister of 10 pieces


Flat screwdriver 4x150Euromarine

Lame plate de 75 mm x larg. 4 mm


2 red PVCVdm gloves Length: 36cm - Size 10

Red PVC gloves on cotton backing, ideal for handling chemicals, masonry, paint.


Stainless steel demantler4Water

Stainless steel demantler


Blue masking tape3M

Single-sided adhesive tape, paper backing - UV resistant - Long-lasting multi-surface masking

Starting at: $6.92

Protective suitOsculati

T. N. T. hooded protective suit

Starting at: $7.27

Stainless steelPlastimo splice

Plastimo Stainless Steel Splice

Starting at: $7.28

Regular Price: $22.93


Sail repairPlastimo needles

Plastimo needles for sail repair

Starting at: $7.28

Masking tapeYachtcare

Masking film with integrated adhesive tape.

Starting at: $7.28

Orange handleEuromarine scraper - Width 50mm

Ergonomic 25 cm scraper/ handle Reversible blade in manganese steel Width 50 mm Orange plastic handle

Starting at: $8.49

2M meter Euromarine with locking

2 m with locking and strap


Measurement card for boat partsWaterline Design

Specially designed to measure parts on boats: tubes, pipes, rigging screws, cables, ropes, wires


FFP2D Plastimo protective mask

Includes an exhalation valve for faster air evacuation.


Coating knife 4Water 12 cm

Coating knives with wooden handle. N° 12 width 12 cm


Coating knife 4Water 14 cm

Coating knives with wooden handle, N° 14 width 14 cm.


Scraper handle handle Euromarine orange - Width 65mm

Ergonomic 30 cm scraper/ handle with handle Reversible blade in manganese steel Width 65 mm Orange plastic handle

Starting at: $9.94

Masking film 3M adhesive tape

Masking film with ready-to-use adhesive tape. No unwinder required

Starting at: $10.80

Splice and stainless steelEuromarine needle small model

Length: 180 mm rope Ø: 12 mm Features: STAINLESS STEEL body and screws Wooden handle


2 buffalo flower masterVdm gloves - Size L

Gloves to control all buffalo flowers, elastic tightening handle.


Varnish scraperReya

Varnish scraper

Starting at: $13.33

Regular Price: $14.79


2 full skin weldingVdm gloves - Size 10

Full skin welding gloves, ideal for welding and handling hot parts. With hand/forearm protection.


Splice and medium stainless steel needle

Length: 280 mm rope Ø: 24 mm Features: STAINLESS STEEL body and screws Wooden handle


Set of 8 male wrenches in inchEuromarine

Set of 8 forged chrome-vanadium wrenches on frame Black frame with hook for wall mounting.


Adhesive canvas Euromarine for sails

Ideal for genoa and mainsail repairs. Resistance to UV, wear and mildew.


Skeleton Euromarine pistol with mastic cartridge

Gun for mixed cartridge (silicone and putty) - Skeleton type Double reinforcement with anti-drip return Black metal


SimpleEuromarine decorative strips

Simple decorative strip 100 micron flexible and glossy adhesive

Starting at: $16.98

Black adhesiveEuromarine insulating foam

Absorbs shocks. Reduces vibrations - High density EVA foam: 90 g/cm² - High resistance to friction.

Starting at: $18.20


Limited quantity!

OrangeRESCUE TAPE silicone roller

Essential on board your boat or in your toolbox. It can be used to repair, fix, plug, seal...


Disposable paint Yachtcare combination - several sizes available

Splashproof - Breathable material - Hood

Starting at: $18.20

Multi-tool kit HPA Tool Pouch Tool

Multi accessory case - Fishing & DIY on the boat


HPA Reskape Safety Knife

The RESKAPE knife (for Rescue / Escape Knife) is a safety knife for professional lifeguards and all spearos and free divers


Universal key Topomarine for nable

Suitable for all types of deck nables.




Polishing discYachtcare

Polishing disc for optimal application and use of REFINISH 1.


Complete filtration for 6800S mask3M

Activated carbons (antifouling), solvents, acids - For 6800S full mask only - Class: ABEK2P3

Special Price: $24.87

Regular Price: $41.61


Only 2 left!

Adhesive tape Euromarine repairs everything

Ultra-resistant tape adhesive. Perfect for indoor/outdoor application.


Multi-tools Euromarine stainless steel 25

STAINLESS STEEL pocket tool + fabric belt case. 25 essential tools.


Anti-slip strip Euromarine TBS 10 slate

Bande auto-adhésive. Antidérapant. Couleur Ardoise.


Anti-slip tape Euromarine TBS 10 express grey

Bande auto-adhésive. Antidérapant. Couleur gris express.


Anti-slip strip Euromarine TBS 10 white

Bande auto-adhésive. Antidérapant. Couleur Ardoise.


Single fairing suction cupEuromarine

Professional fairing suction cup with handle Blue ABS body - stainless steel mechanism One-handed locking / unlocking


Multi-tools Topomarine Cape Horn

19 functions - Stainless steel - Black matt treatment.


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69 Item(s)

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