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Protective suitOsculati

T. N. T. hooded protective suit

Starting at: $4.69

Regular Price: $7.03


2 red PVCVdm gloves Length: 36cm - Size 10

Red PVC gloves on cotton backing, ideal for handling chemicals, masonry, paint.


Suit Vdm - disposable white polypropylene

White non-woven wetsuit 40 gr/m2 - Zippered front - Elastic cuffs, waist, ankles and hood - Integrated hood

Starting at: $8.21

FFP2D Plastimo protective mask

Includes an exhalation valve for faster air evacuation.


Lunette 4Water de protection

Lunette 4Water de protection



2 buffalo flower masterVdm gloves - Size L

Gloves to control all buffalo flowers, elastic tightening handle.


2 full skin weldingVdm gloves - Size 10

Full skin welding gloves, ideal for welding and handling hot parts. With hand/forearm protection.


Vdm Professional paint combination

Double suits, micro-perforated thickness, for short use in chemical environments - High-strength seams with a wide back elastic band. Covered zipper.

Starting at: $15.25

Regular Price: $18.41


Disposable paint Yachtcare combination - several sizes available

Splashproof - Breathable material - Hood

Starting at: $17.59

Glove box Vdm vinyl 100 pieces - Size L

Glove box vinyl size L - 100 pieces - Vinyl type "surgeon" very resistant.


Box of 10 protective masks Proxitech FFP2

Half mask respirator


Box latex gloves 100 pieces - Size L

Box latex gloves size L - 100 pieces


Complete steam 3M protection mask FFA1P2

Complete half mask type 4251 - Class : FFA1P1


13 Item(s)

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