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Spare blade for 18mm cutter - Box of 10 blades

Spare blade cutter 18mm box of 10


Flat screwdriver 4x150Euromarine

Lame plate de 75 mm x larg. 4 mm


Yellow crimped eye Euromarine electrical terminals

For cable diam 3 to 6 mm². Hole diameter 8mm - blister of 10 pieces


Stainless steel demantler4Water

Stainless steel demantler


Stainless steelPlastimo splice

Plastimo Stainless Steel Splice

Starting at: $6.79

Regular Price: $21.39


Sail repairPlastimo needles

Plastimo needles for sail repair

Starting at: $6.79

2M meter Euromarine with locking

2 m with locking and strap


Measurement card for boat partsWaterline Design

Specially designed to measure parts on boats: tubes, pipes, rigging screws, cables, ropes, wires


Splice and stainless steelEuromarine needle small model

Length: 180 mm rope Ø: 12 mm Features: STAINLESS STEEL body and screws Wooden handle


Splice and medium stainless steel needle

Length: 280 mm rope Ø: 24 mm Features: STAINLESS STEEL body and screws Wooden handle


Set of 8 male wrenches in inchEuromarine

Set of 8 forged chrome-vanadium wrenches on frame Black frame with hook for wall mounting.


Polisher cap 4Water ø23,5mm

4Water polishing cap ø23,5mm - 1 sponge + 1 synthetic sheep



Skeleton Euromarine pistol with mastic cartridge

Gun for mixed cartridge (silicone and putty) - Skeleton type Double reinforcement with anti-drip return Black metal


Multi-tools Topomarine Cape Horn

19 functions - Stainless steel - Black matt treatment.


Multi-tool kit HPA Tool Pouch Tool

Multi accessory case - Fishing & DIY on the boat


HPA Reskape Safety Knife

The RESKAPE knife (for Rescue / Escape Knife) is a safety knife for professional lifeguards and all spearos and free divers


Universal key Topomarine for nable

Suitable for all types of deck nables.


Riveting pliersPlastimo

Plastimo riveting pliers


Starter cablesEuromarine

16 mm² starter cables - copper - 220 Amperes Starting cables 25 mm² - copper - 350 Amperes 35 mm² starter cables - copper - 480 Amperes

Starting at: $38.47


Plastimo Splice kit for splicing

Plastimo kit for splicing




SeaBassplierHPA fishing pliers

For all marine and freshwater lure fisheries.



Two suction cups handle

Professional model used by glaziers. Very effective for standing against the hull when cleaning the waterline or doing minor work on the hull. Supports a load of 40 Kg per suction cup.




Game PlierHPA Ring Clamp

Broken Ring Clamp 350 lbs - Case & Cord


Orbital polisher 4Water

4Water orbital polisher - Diameter: 23,5 cm - 3 000 rpm



TravelEuromarine toolkit

Travel" kit 4 compartments - 20 tools (ideal for boat rental)


Sail repairPlastimo kit

Plastimo sail repair kit




Cutting and soldering ironPlastimo

Plastimo cutting and soldering iron


27 Item(s)

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