Boat Ladders

Find a wide range of boat ladders. Stainless steel or aluminium ladder, with plastic or teak steps for more comfort. Choose the number of steps depending on the type of boat you own.

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Lalizas Rope Ladder

Rope ladder 2, 3 or 4 steps.

Starting at: $21.10

Plastimo Rope Boarding Ladder - Collapsible

Assembly with synthetic rope combined with plastic tubes between steps, for added rigidity and safety.

Starting at: $31.65

Foldable accommodation 4Water ladder

Foldable accommodation ladder - 4 steps


Ladder Osculati for zodiacs

Made of anodized light alloy, folding, extremely light and floating. With carabiner and floating tip.

Starting at: $38.69

Regular Price: $46.89


Plastimo Alu Ladder for Tenders

Folding aluminium ladder suitable for rigid inflatables and inflatable tenders.




Ladder for 2-step tyre4Water

2 anodized aluminium steps - Width: 31 cm - Height: 0.92 m



Swimming ladder4Water

Foldable stock - Anti-slip plastic

Starting at: $70.22

SwivelPlastimo ladder

Swivel and folding ladder - Platform mounting Several models available.

Starting at: $89.68

Regular Price: $99.65


Lalizas Aluminium Ladder

Aluminium ladder 2, 3, 4 or 5 steps.

Starting at: $97.30

Stainless steelPlastimo ladder for pontoon boat

2 available models - 2 rungs, butt height 90 mm - 2 rungs, butt height 245 mm

Starting at: $100.23

Regular Price: $111.37


Trem 3-step ladder for platform

Polished AISI 316 stainless steel - Painted wooden steps - 1 + 2 steps


Best Seller

FoldableOsculati ladder for pneumatic

Made of anodized light alloy, folding, extremely light and floating. With carabiner and floating tip.


Plastimo Ladder for Narrow Transom

316 L stainless steel ladder with 3 grey plastic steps.


90° crossheadPlastimo ladder

Narrow step ladder 90° sticks - 2 fixed + 2 movable rungs




Plastimo Folding Ladder - 90° Crook

316L pliante, 90° Crook. Different versions available

Starting at: $137.16

180° crossheadPlastimo ladder

Narrow step ladder, 180° crossheads - 2 fixed + 2 movable rungs




Stainless steelPlastimo platform ladder

Stainless steel ladder - Designed for all types of boats.



Plastimo 3-Step Bow Ladder

Bow ladder, 195 mm wide, 180° crooks.


Telescopic stainless steel zodiacOsculati ladder with 4 steps

In mirror polished stainless steel. With end, snap hooks and stainless steel bridges for anchoring.


Osculati Semi-rigid telescopic ladder

In mirror polished stainless steel. Steps with non-slip plastic platform. Fixing to the floor using 2 stainless steel plates (supplied) and adjustable strap with self-locking stainless steel buckle.


Best Seller

Montecarlo XLOsculati retractable ladder

Made up of a 4-step telescopic ladder + box to be incorporated in the thickness of the platform.


21 Item(s)

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