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Spare valve 4Water for fender inflation nozzle

Spare valve - Bronze




Plastimo Adapter for Fender Valve

Specially designed to inflate Bumpers and Performance fenders. Compatible with all our pumps and inflators.


End cap Majoni for fender inflation

Fender inflation nozzle - To be screwed on the valve




Plastimo Bumper Collar Kit

Some ports do not allow screw/bolt fixing. In this case, you will fix your Bumper with the collar kit (except for the articulated model).

Special Price: $9.86

Regular Price: $17.33


Clin'Azur 208 fender cleaner

208 cannot leave anyone who has had to clean their fenders indifferent. Excellent results without altering the rubber.

Starting at: $21.32

Regular Price: $23.72


Lalizas modular fender basket

Modular Fender Basket.

Starting at: $30.32

Regular Price: $32.38


Kit of Plastimo 4 Bumper fasteners

316 stainless steel - 4 T-bolts, nuts and washers


Universal fender Plastimo support

Unique system: the height-adjustable clamp is equipped with 316 L stainless steel rings mounted on springs that hold the fender at each end.




Plastimo Bumper pole for Bumper

Plastimo pole for Bumper



Holder forPlastimo 1 fender

Plastimo support for 1 fender

Starting at: $100.72

Boat Hull protector Blue Performance

Hull Protector - Available 200X65 cm - 250X80 cm

Starting at: $121.30

Regular Price: $124.55


11 Item(s)

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