Trouver la passerelle pour votre bateau qu'il vous faut chez Nootica : Passerelle pliable, passerelle fixe, ainsi que les accessoires de montage.

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White varnishedOsculati folding footbridge

Osculati folding footbridge, white varnished

Starting at: $1,128.97

Regular Price: $1,254.41


Stainless steelOsculati lifting device

Osculati Stainless Steel Swing Bar


Side plate for footbridge candle holdersOsculati

Osculati side plate for footbridge candle holders




Platinum with adjustableOsculati inclination from +30° to -30°

Oscillating tilting stage adjustable from +30° to -30°.




Platinum Osculati for bridge articulation - AISI 316

Osculati plate for bridge articulation - AISI 316




Carbonbridge" folding Osculati carbon footbridge

High-Tech monocoque structure made of carbon fibres pre-saturated with epoxy resins.


Folding footbridge Osculati made of Polybridge composite

Specially designed structure with FPT (technical polyurethane) technology. Hinges and accessories in anodized aluminium.


Stainless steel Osculati walkway/scale 150 cm

With wooden floor/steps. Mirror polished stainless steel structure. Version With floor that can be transformed into a small staircase


AISI316/iroko Osculati folding gateway

Osculati AISI316/iroko folding gateway

Starting at: $779.77

Regular Price: $870.18


TECKOsculati Gateway

Osculati TECK Gateway

Starting at: $915.38

Regular Price: $1,017.09


Folding gangway with teak grating Osculati

Osculati folding footbridge Teak grating In anodized aluminium with real teak grating from Siam. Folding version. Two stainless steel candlesticks. With rubber wheels, stainless steel swivel and plate. Hinges Ø 25mm.


Osculati Fixed / folding walkway

Osculati fixed / foldable Osculati gateway Osculati

Starting at: $711.96

Regular Price: $791.07


Folding footbridge 200 cm Osculati

Anodized aluminum. Foldable white non-slip surface. Folding version.



Fixed footbridge with teak grating 210 cm Osculati

In anodized aluminium with real teak grating from Siam. Two stainless steel candlesticks, rubber wheels, stainless steel pivot and plate.


Anti-slipOsculati footbridge 200cm

Made of anodized aluminum. White non-slip surface.



BridgeTrem handrail

Anodized aluminum - Non-slip aluminum floor - 2 candlesticks and rope




Fixed aluminiumTrem footbridge

Length 2 meters - Anodized aluminum - Non-slip aluminum floor.


17 Item(s)

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