Cutlery and tools

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Stainless steelEuromarine fishing scissors

21 cm serrated stainless steel scissors with serrated blades Plasticised handle - reinforced.


Floating knife with4Water stainless steel blade

Stainless steel fixed blade


Forged stainless steelWichard demantler

Démanilleur Pour débloquer toute manille bloquée


Two-material marineTopomarine knife

Acier inox et manche bi-matière. Caoutchouc noir et bleu Lame 8 cm. Etui nylon


Plastimo Multi Purpose Knife

Shackle key, splicing spike, bottle opener and screwdriver


FoldingPlastimo floating knife

Floating knife with round tip. Rigid and notched to cut the rope or net. Plastic handle.




Plastimo clipper colleryMAC knife with demanner

Plastimo clipper knife with stripper


Plastimo Buoyant Knife

Perfect for fishing and sailing activities



SkeletoolLeatherman Multi-Tools

Leatherman allowing a minimum space requirement and high quality


9 Item(s)

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