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Cork ball key ring Osculati - 50mm

Cork ball key ring


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Solid polished brassPlastimo padlock

Several sizes to choose from: 30, 35, 40 and 45 mm.

Starting at: $4.82

Floating foam key ringEuromarine

Blue foam floating key ring with chain Dimensions: length 80 mm x width 35 mm x thickness 20 mm


Cork ball key ringEuromarine

Euromarine cork ball key ring


Marine padlock Cape Horn

Available in 3 cm, 4 cm or 5 cm - Delivered with 2 keys


Keyring Round fenderOcean

Keyring Ocean Round threshing guard


Key ring White fenderOcean

Keyring Ocean White threshing guard


Floating neopreneChums key ring

Neoprene and foam. Ensures the buoyancy of several keys.




Navy brass padlockEuromarine

Euromarine brass marine padlock All brass padlock with stainless steel springs, nickel-plated brass keys. 30mm; 35mm; 40mm

Starting at: $10.07

Long Marine Cape Horn Padlock - 40 mm

Cape Horn Marine Long Padlock - 40 mm


Oval corkChums key ring

Floating cork key ring




Topomarine Key Buoy key ring

Keychain for smart floating.




Padlock handle Stainless steel 40mm*1Euromarine

Handle dimensions: Length 35.5 x H 29mm Description: Delivered with 2 keys Handle 100% stainless steel, body in polished chrome-plated brass


Patented floating key ring Osculati

Can support a weight of 120 grams once activated.


Outboard press screw lock4Water

Outboard anti-theft device 4Water In powder-coated powder-coated aluminium alloy

Starting at: $95.27

Topomarine Outboard engine anti-theft device

Anti-theft peg for outboard engine


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