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Male cigar lighter socket with LEDOsculati

Osculati cigar lighter socket with LED

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Female cigar lighter socketOsculati

Osculati female cigar lighter socket


Universal male cigar lighter socket to crimp

Bipolar universal male cigar lighter socket Cigar lighter type Crimp contacts - 8 A


Cigar lighter plug + fuse protection

Bipolar universal male plug Cigar lighter type Protection by glass fuse 6.3 x 30 / 32 mm Soldering contacts - 5 A Features: Voltage indicator light included Adapter included


Cigar lighter socket female plastic + cabochon

Black plastic female cigar lighter socket 12 V - 15 A Cigar lighter type with sealing cap Characteristics: Mounting: 2 stainless steel screws supplied


DoubleOsculati cigar lighter socket

Cigar lighter socket Double Osculati


Cigar lighter voltage converter Navsound USB plug 12V/5V

This converter transforms the 12Vdc voltage into 5Vdc direct current.


12 VPlastimo male cigar socket

12 V - 16 A - Black plastic body and anti-corrosion metal parts.


Cigarette lighter socket kit Osculati

Complete Osculati Cigarette Lighter Kit


Round female Plastimo cigar lighter socket

CIGARETTE LIGHTER SOCKET ROUND BEZEL TO EMBED 12V 16A. Hole Ø 27 mm, screws not included. Black color.


Female cigar lighter socket Plastimo 12 V black

12 V - 16 A - Screw nut. Drilling Ø 30-32 mm.


Female cigar socket Plastimo 12 V white

12 V - 16 A - Screw nut. Drilling Ø 30-32 mm.


Chrome-plated brassPlastimo waterproof plug 3 A

Waterproof chrome-plated brass plug. Supplied with captive cap, cable gland and gasket.

Starting at: $18.08

Plastimo Deck cigar lighter socket

Fully waterproof cigarette lighter deck socket, both when the protective cap is closed and when the plug is plugged in.


Double cigar lighter socket Hubbell - 12V

Black plastic double "cigar lighter" type socket with sealing cap - 20A in 12 V


Dual socket Double usb Scantrust

Double USB plug.



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