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Bactend 125mlMatt Chem Marine

Recommended for treating the tank during the wintering period. Free of chlorine and silver nitrate. Packaged in 125 ml bottles.


Aqua Clean drinking water disinfectionYachticon

Chlorine-free, silver-based, particularly effective for disinfecting drinking water. Prevents the proliferation of germs for 6 months without the addition of chlorine.

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Aqua Kem RinseTHETFORD sanitary additive

Additive that preserves the freshness of the water, optimizes the efficiency of the flushing and ensures perfect hygiene of the bowl.


Yachticon Clean a tank pipe cleaner

Removes limescale deposits from pipes and tanks. Prevents the development of bad smells. Non-toxic. Complementary to Aqua Clean.


Aqua Kem GreenTHETFORD sanitary additive

Stimulates biological action in the waste holding tank, eliminates unpleasant odours and reduces gas formation.


Kilbacte 1LMatt Chem Marine

Stop microbial fermentation. Special bactericide for water tanks.


Bio-Chem 1LMatt Chem Marine

Treatment for maintenance and hygiene of toilets




Odour filter 20-25 mmPlastimo

Odour filter for pipes Ø 20-25 mm. Made of activated carbon. Integrated fixing brackets.




Clin'azur 136 grey water bio-reservoir treatment

Bio treatment of grey water reservoirs 136

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Clin'azur deodorant 109 bio waste water tanks

109 is a special biological formulation for the treatment of odours in wastewater tanks.

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Bio treatment of black water tanks Clin'azur 122

122 Biological treatment of black water tanks. Effervescent tablets for a rapid biological action of liquefaction of organic materials.

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